The Wild Kingdoms 0.0.1 (v0.0.1) apk download

The Wild Kingdoms 0.0.1 apk

The Wild Kingdoms 0.0.1 apkThe Wild Kingdoms 0.0.1 apk, “Incredibly unique and unlike anything else you’ve seen before” –

THE WILD KINGDOMS is an epic fantasy card game set in the Yoruba kingdoms where you build armies of creatures, control forces of nature, and use magical charms in a war against your opponents. THE WILD KINGDOMS combines beautiful graphics, original gameplay and fast paced strategy.

THE WILD KINGDOMS is also a collection of unique cards that can be collated and enjoyed for their craftsmanship alone.

The Wild Kingdoms 0.0.1 FEATURES
Enjoyable, original and intuitive gameplay blending traditional card and board game rules.
Easy to learn: open the app, read the tutorial and/or watch the YouTube video: , and start your battles.
Stunning design and card artwork.
Starter deck of creatures and elements.
Lavishly rendered Deck Manager to help you collect creatures, elements and other types of card.
Multi-platform app: two players can play on the same IOS or Android device; two players can play between any IOS or Android devices.
Soundtrack designed by the IGF 2011 excellence in audio award-winner Tapio Luikkonen.
Organised play and tournaments. Please visit for news, update information, general discussion and more.

The Wild Kingdoms 0.0.1

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Download The Wild Kingdoms 0.0.1 (v0.0.1) apk Via Zippyshare (No waiting & Fast)


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