jetAudio Plus 1.7.0 (v1.7.0) apk download

jetAudio Plus 1.7.0

jetAudio Plus 1.7.0 What's in this jetAudio Plus 1.7.0 * Added Genre tab in browser * Vertical tab in browser landscape mode * Enhanced graphics for UI * Bigger buttons/album art for tablet * Added headset button function - long press for mute or TTS (current time or title) * Added Polish, … [Read more...]

jetAudio Plus 1.6.1 (v1.6.1) apk download

jetAudio Plus 1.6.1

jetAudio Plus 1.6.1 Here it comes again, with some update :) What's in this jetAudio Plus 1.6.1 * Fixed Repeat bug * Fixed Auto-Start bug when headset plugged in * Fixed crash when ICS lock screen is used * Enhanced headset button support : Triple press to go to previous * Support … [Read more...]