Pocket Seven★ Slot Machine★777 1.6 (v1.6) apk android

Pocket Seven★ Slot Machine★777 1.6Pocket Seven★ Slot Machine★777 1.6

What’s in this version Pocket Seven★ Slot Machine★777 1.6:

* New Update v1.6
: Auto Backup(save), 80 ~ 600 Betting
* To contact about the initialization and billing errors
: help@gameboys.co.kr
* When sending mail, please fill out the information below.
: Name, Phone number, Game Money, etc.

Pocket Seven★ Slot Machine★777 1.6, New style nine slot machine game(gamble, fruit, cherry, Bar, bell, dice, casino)

★ Powerful Slot Machine(nine Slot) “Pocket Seven”
: Forget old boring slot machines.

★ User’s opinion.
: The user has acknowledged the fun and addictive.

★★★★★(Rating) Mark
Awesome. The most addictive slot game I’ve played. Great graphics. Bonuses, double up, missions. Worth the high price. Only thing…please let us move to sd card. Program over 4 megs…not too big…but still. Great job!

★ Splendid effect
: Colorful graphics and spectacular animation.

★ combination
: all Fruit, all Cherry, cross Seven, all Seven, all jewel etc.

★ variety event
: dice event, jewel event, Seven event, Pocket event etc.

★ betting
: Bet 80 ~ 600 betting(New Update v1.6)

★ Hold function
: Take a chance on using the hold.

★ mission
: Choose your own missions.(Compensation up to 500,000 game money)

★ record
: save my record, check always possible.

★ Five sexy girl Appeared
: Double up Game(Strip)

★ Addicting guaranteed.

* Game Rating Board (http://www.grb.or.kr)
- Classification Code : CC-OM-120222-002

Pocket Seven★ Slot Machine★777 1.6

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Download Links Below

Download Pocket Seven★ Slot Machine★777 1.6 (v1.6) apk android Mediafire (Resumable)

Download Pocket Seven★ Slot Machine★777 1.6 (v1.6) apk android Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

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