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X Construction 1.40 apk

X Construction 1.40 apkWhat’s in this X Construction 1.40 apk

Removed Open Feint highscore ranking support. The service was discontinued. Sorry for that.
Added another level

X Construction 1.40, Build a bridge to let the train safely cross the valley.

Build a bridge with the given amount of materials to let the train safely cross the valley.

Please try the Lite version before you buy the game!

The paid version has the following advantages:
⇒ no ads
⇒ free build mode
⇒ more levels (currently 27)

The permissions are used as follows.
- Write to SD Card: Savegames will be stored to SD card
Keywords: Bridge Crossing Construction Builder Physics Game

I wish people wouldn’t give a game a low rating just because they don’t like it – - a game should be rated on how well it works – - and this game works perfectly well. I would like it if the rails fitted from the left-most ground point to the right-most ground point without needing to use an extra rail at a fraction of its full length. I’d also like to be able to pause the game during test mode (where the train starts across the track) so you could see the pressure points for longer before they disappear.

X Construction 1.40

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