Windows 8 Theme 4.2.0 (v4.2.0) apk download

Windows 8 Theme 4.2.0 apk

Windows 8 Theme 4.2.0 apkWhat’s in this Windows 8 Theme 4.2.0 apk

~~~New Version 4.2.0~~~
*Fixed issue’s with manual icon selection
*Theme applies successfully from launcher icon or manually
*Downsized icons to help devices load all the icons

Windows 8 Theme 4.2.0, Get the Official Windows 8 Look and Feel on your android device today!

*******GET THE BEST OF THE BEST*********
Checkout the official Windows 8 Launcher Theme, this features a HUGE set of metro style Windows 8 icons. There is around 400 ICONS, There is 18 HD Wallpaper (1920×1200) and Custom Apex Icons and Drawables. You wont have to worry if there is app that custom have a custom icon, There also even 18 Icon Backgrounds to make ALL your icons have the new Windows 8 Metro Style.

*Compatible Launcher Themes*
+Apex Launcher
+Nova Launcher
+ADW Launcher
+ADWEX Launcher

Applying Themes Using Launcher
1.Open Launcher
2.Select which Apply Button, Based on what launcher you like
3.Follow the dialog instructions

Apply Using Apex Launcher
1.Download and install Apex Launcher
2.Hit Menu from home and click “Theme Settings”
3.Click “Look And Feel”
4.Click “Icon Theme”
5.Choose “Windows 8 Theme”
6.Press OK

Apply Using Nova Launcher
1.Please Use Launcher to Apply Theme

Apply Using ADW or ADWLauncher EX
1.Hit Menu from either launchers home screen
2.Choose “ADW/EX Settings”
3.Locate theme and click “Apply”

This theme does have a lot of potential, thanks to the precise, clean feel that Windows 8 icons have to offer. Sadly my phones interface lacks consistency as, there are far too many Apps which still don’t have official looking design – this includes Spotify, Angry Birds and Drawsomething, all popular apps. Also, on my SGN2 Jellybean 4.1 the app crashes when trying to access the icon pack in the edit section.

Windows 8 Theme 4.2.0

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

Download Links Below

Download Windows 8 Theme 4.2.0 (v4.2.0) apk Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

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