Tracky GPS navigation +compass 2.9.3 (v2.9.3) apk download

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Tracky GPS navigation +compass 2.9.3 apk

Tracky GPS navigation +compass 2.9.3 apkWhat’s in this Tracky GPS navigation +compass 2.9.3 apk

- support for Geocaching!
- share your POIs/tracks via email, DropBox, etc.
- improved GPS settings
- improved track navigation
- updated translations for Korean, Russian, Danish, Spanish
- several user interface improvements

Tracky GPS navigation +compass 2.9.3, Tracky starts where other navigation apps stop!

This application is translated to your language! Please email me if the translation can be improved or if you like to translate this application to an other language.

‘Know where you are, know where you have been, and get where you want to go.’

With reliable track recordings, various online and offline (free) maps and extensive search options, you are in control when you go off the beaten track.

* Know where you are *

Check out the large compass with G-force meter, and read your speed, altitude, and slope. Study the trip computer to know your performance over time.

Use various online and offline maps, all for free! Just tap on the map and get instant information like accurate coordinates, street view images, addresses and distances.
* Know where you have been *

Record Points Of Interest (POIs), for example to remember where you parked your car.

Record tracks while you are walking. Check out performance figures of your tracks like altitude and speed profiles.
* Get where you want to go *

Navigate to POIs and navigate along tracks, supported by clear instructions and spoken voice.

Search for addresses and businesses via Google, or via Yahoo if you prefer. Search for photos of Panoramio. Search for interesting spots via Wikipedia. Even search for and download tracks from GPSies, which offers around one million tracks by now.

Track your buddies live on your Android device or PC, and be aware that they track you! Just for fun, but also for safety while being in the outback.

Tracky support the following languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Traditional and Simple Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

A free trial version ‘TrackyTry’ is also available. It has the same features as the paid Tracky app, except that tracks and POIs will not be stored.

Tracky – Tracky – Tracky – Tracky – Tracky

Tracky GPS navigation +compass 2.9.3

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