TokiClock-World Clock&Calendar 1.1.7 (v1.1.7) apk download

TokiClock-World Clock&Calendar 1.1.7 apk

TokiClock-World Clock&Calendar 1.1.7 apkWhat’s in this TokiClock-World Clock&Calendar 1.1.7 apk

- When in 24 Hour display mode, 17 hour, 18 hour, and 21 hour were diplayed wrong. Fixed.

TokiClock-World Clock&Calendar 1.1.7, *** Differences between this PAID VERSION and the Free version are:
1) Advertisement Banner is not displayed in the Paid version.
2) Support resolutions between 320×480 and 720×1280 (Free version supports resolutions between 480×854 and 720×1280.)

- To avoid going into Sleep mode, when ‘Toki Clock’ is running, the system’s auto-lock features is automatically disabled.
- Alarm feature works only when Toki Clock is running in front. Alarm will not sound when Toki Clock is running in the background.

Toki Clock supports devices with resolutions between 320×480 and 720×1280. Although it would probably work, devices with resolutions not in this range are not officially supported. Also, devices with square screen are not supported. The devices I tested this version of ‘Toki Clock’ are as follows:
1) HTC Magic (320×480)
2) HTC Sensation (540×960)
3) Galaxy S III (720×1280)
If you like retro (vintage) looking digital clock, this is it! ‘Toki Clock’ is a clock app for your Android. Have your Andriod phone display the time, calendar, and time from cities around the world while it is being charged.

- Display the world time for up to 5 cities simultaneously. You can choose from 244 major cities around the world.
- Adjusts to daylight saving time (summer time) automatically for all the cities.
- Choose from 10 skins.
- Display a 1-month or 2-month calendar. The calendar display can start with Sunday or Monday.
- Choose between a 12-hour and 24-hour clock.
- Show/hide the seconds display.
- Flash or don’t flash the time separators.
- Dim the backlight.
- Option to display the time with big numbers.
- Show/hide dot animation. There are s animations:
1) Car
2) Character up and down
- Choose from 3 different formats for the date display:
- 8 bit sound alarm!




December 25, 2012 – v1.1.7
- When in 24 Hour display mode, 17 hour, 18 hour, and 21 hour were diplayed wrong. Fixed.

December 23, 2012 – v1.1.6
- Fixed bug where “Change Mode” icon was being displayed when it wasn’t supposed to be.
- Fixed unexpected behavior bug when screen was tapped in the large-display mode.

December 22, 2012 – v1.1.5
- Fixed a bug where alarm time was displayed wrong.

December 21, 2012 – v1.1.4
- Optimized code to use less memory.
- Added 5 new skins (theme colors).

December 18, 2012 – v1.1.3
- Added high resolution icons.

December 16, 2012 – v1.1.2 (1st FREE version release)
- Now it supports devices with resolutions between 320×480 and 720×1280.
- Added graphics for high resolution devices.
- Fixed backlight bug.
- Fixed a bug where “Tap” action wasn’t being accepted when in landscape mode.
- Fixed a bug where alarm sound becomes faster (or slower).
- Fixed a bug where 11:00AM is displayed as 11:00PM.
- Fixed a bug with separator flashing.
- To support devices without [Back] buttons, added [Done] button in alarm settings screen and city selection screen.


TokiClock-World Clock&Calendar 1.1.7

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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