ThinkFree Office Mobile 4.2.121218 apk download

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ThinkFree Office Mobile 4.2.121218 apk

ThinkFree Office Mobile 4.2.121218 apkWhat’s in this ThinkFree Office Mobile 4.2.121218 apk

• Supports Jellybean
• .hwp file is shown on file manager (need to buy “Hancom Viewer” Application)
• Fast to open and scroll
• High rendering quality and compatibility
• Optimized file management on mobile devices
• Print function (need to buy “ThinkFree Mobile Print” Application)

ThinkFree Office Mobile 4.2.121218, Sale for US$9.99! (Regular price: US$21.99)

ThinkFree Office Mobile for Smartphone
*Uninstall/Reinstall the app when you update the application
*Updated Version shows office related files only

*NEW features!!!
-Improved icon visibility
-Warning message added when data connecting
-Fixes an issue in a spreadsheet cell with wrong value
-Supports 28 languages
-Force Close issue fixes
-Miscellaneous bug fixes
-Pinch to zoom added on PDF viewer

ThinkFree Mobile enables you to have instantaneous office productivity application, with the use of any device, with remarkable functions and with convenient user interface..

* ThinkFree Mobile’s advanced functionality of high speed upload and response time, improves efficiency!
It’s easy and quick to access.

* ThinkFree Mobile has small footprint and customized user-interface for mobile environment

* ThinkFree Mobile includes file management with synchronize functionality
When working on mobile devices, you can synchronize all documents with your PC or notebook. It enables you to open, create and manage documents easily.

* ThinkFree Mobile makes sharing and collaboration easy! You can open the documents readily, share your insights and opinions, and others can find the documents quickly.

*KEY features

Office on the go
-Office suite optimized for mobility.
-Create, view, edit, access and share Microsoft○R office anytime you want
-Compatibility with Microsoft○R office(word processor, spread sheet and presentation document)
-View PDF file
Cloud computing support
-Share, upload and access any file on your handset
-ThinkFree storage gives 2GB free storage
-Google docs support (not support on ver 4.2)
Perfect File management
-No need to have any other stand-alone file manger
-Support media file management as well as office documents
Easy to use and quick response
-Highly intuitive UX/UI design
-Two-finger zoom, flick scrolling and multi-touch support
-Optimized for mobile device that gives you quick and reliable response

Write (Word)
-Portrait & Landscape view
-Easy scroll and zoom (standard/pinch/double-tap)
-Search by word
-Reflow view
-Text encoding option
-DOC/DOCX/DOT/DOTX/RTF/TXT (Word 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010)
-Edit Text/Style
-Edit and Send
-Delete/Insert paragraph break
-Insert Shape/Photo/Drawing
-Quick select word/sentence/paragraph

Calc (Spreadsheet)
- Portrait & Landscape view
- Easy scroll and zoom (standard/pinch/double-tap)
- Search by word
- Various embedded objects (Chart/Drawing/Image)
- XLS/XLSX/CSV (Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010)
- Edit data/chart/formula/function/style/border
- Live update when editing data/chart/formula/function
- Insert/Delete rows/columns/cells
- Resize height/width
- Copy/Cut/Paste
- Insert Shape/Photo/Drawing

Show (Presentation)
- Portrait & Landscape view
- Outline & Full screen view
- Easy zoom (standard/pinch/double-tap)
- Flip to navigate
- Various embedded objects (Drawing/Image)
- PPT/PPTX/PPS/PPSX/POT/POTX (PowerPoint 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/201
- Edit text/style/shape
- Move/Delete any object
- Move/Delete/Reorder slides
- Copy/Cut/Paste
- Insert Shape/Photo/Drawing

PDF viewer
- Native PDF Viewing
- Email Attachment Support
- Search Text
- Bookmarks Support
- Superior Embedded Font Support
- Reflow view
- Multiple Zoom Levels
- Easy Zoom (Double-Tap & Pinch)
- Multi-lingual support

File manager
- Intuitive file manager
- Browse/Move/Copy/Delete
- Create/View/Edit
- Send by email
- Seamless integration with ThinkFree Online
- Google Docs support
- Extract ZIP archive
- Live Folder for recent documents

ThinkFree Office Mobile 4.2.121218

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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