Block Story 4.4.2 apk

Block Story 4.4.2 (v4.4.2) apk download

Block Story 4.4.2 apk What’s in this Block Story 4.4.2 apk V 4.4.2 * Fix inventory so it does not lose items * Added option to invert Y axis * Fixed a few typos in quests and recipes * Workbench can now be crafted with any wood For full change log please visit: Block ... Continue Reading →
Block Story 4.4 apk

Block Story 4.4 (v4.4) apk download

Block Story 4.4 apk fWhat’s in this Block Story 4.4 apk v.4.4 * New color system based on red, blue and yellow, as seen in * Add dye to snow, sand, wax and wood to paint them * smelt colored sand to get colored glass * craft a candle with colored wax and the ... Continue Reading →
Block Story 4.3.2 apk

Block Story 4.3.2 (v4.3.2) apk download

Block Story 4.3.2 apk What’s in this Block Story 4.3.2 apk v.4.3.2 * Fixed translations for shadow hunter * Reduced swamp, no more “Hills are covered with water” * Improved tutorial For full change log please visit: Block Story 4.3.2, FOR A LIMITED ... Continue Reading →
Block Story 4.3.1 apk

Block Story 4.3.1 (v4.3.1) apk download

Block Story 4.3.1 apk What’s in this Block Story 4.3.1 apk v.4.3.1 * Fixed range weapons v 4.3 * New translation system * Snow can be painted * Thunder * Electric Dragon * Interface fixes * Item names in inventory when drag * New menu background * Option to disable particles effect * Glass transparent ... Continue Reading →
Block Story 4.2 apk

Block Story 4.2 (v4.2) apk download

Block Story 4.2 apk What’s in this Block Story 4.2 apk v 4.2 * Disabled unused permissions! Sorry for the confusion * Reduced memory usage on default settings from 180 to 140mb * New realistic HD textures * New black crystal block * New recipes to transform crystals back to ores * New fence gates * ... Continue Reading →
Block Story 3.2.7

Block Story 3.2.7 (v3.2.7) apk download

Block Story 3.2.7 What’s in this Block Story 3.2.7 Torch Shields Flippers to swim faster Buckets to collect and place liquids Left hand to carry Torch and Shield New panel with player slots A lot of new items like: armor, magic rings, neclaces and others My precious, a very powerful ring Items ... Continue Reading →