SwitchPro Widget v2.2.2 apk download

SwitchPro Widget v2.2.2 apk

SwitchPro Widget v2.2.2 apkI love it, I was on the look for a customizable switch-widget as the ones that came with my device would have taken up a whole start screen (i even had to make some widgets with tasker to get what i wanted) now all my settings ære in the pulldown menu and i even got å nice battery% readout. Would like button for NFC switching and one for discoverable BT. Flashlight a little buggy

What’s in this SwitchPro Widget v2.2.2 apk

*** Need to remove and re-add widget ***
Add Holo theme (In Icon settings)
Added shutdown option.
You can adjust the background transparency now .
Added NFC toggle.
Fixed 4.2 airplant mode bug.
Fixed 4.2 screen timeout bug.
Improved blutooth tether toggle.
Fixed the task manager crash.

SwitchPro Widget v2.2.2, A nimble, easy to use, elegant switch/toggle widget!

A nimble, easy to use, elegant switch/toggle widget; support custom icon color and backgrounds; custom number of buttons/controls, scheduled turn on/turn off features and notification bar widgets.

(****** Note: Do not install on SD card ******)

Supported Toggle Actions:
Data Connection
Screen Always On
Airplane Mode
Reload SD
3G-2G (shortcut)
Unlock Pattern
Speaker Mode
Auto-Screen Lock
Mount SD
Wi-Fi Hotspot
USB Tether (2.2+)
Bluetooth Tether
Lock Screen
Wi-Fi Sleep Policy
Task Manager
Memory usage
Storage usage

You can set the widget on your homescreen or in the notification bar. The colors match perfectly with the stock Android interface. Also I love the flashlight toggle, now I have one widget for everything I need. Only complaint is that the battery indicator in the taskbar is slightly darker than the icons on the right.

SwitchPro Widget v2.2.2

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

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