ssLauncher the Original 1.9.3 (v1.9.3) apk download

ssLauncher the Original 1.9.3 apk

ssLauncher the Original 1.9.3 apkWhat’s in this ssLauncher the Original 1.9.3 apk

- fixed some bugs in preferences for application drawer
- fixed the bug that ‘missed calls’ is not properly counted on some devices
- changed the accept criteria for the page transition
- fixed some bugs and optimized

Very unique but super difficult to set up. Unable to organize folders/parcel which took me some time to figure out how to create. This really could be great with a few tweaks. At times it consumes a good bit of memory. If you want total control this is a great launcher. Responsive developer. Those complaining about force close, this is android not the launcher. I know because it happens on even the twlauncher. Also the parcels/folders, you can have more than one. Other user that complained needs to recheck

ssLauncher the Original 1.9.3, The fastest and fully customizable!

‘ssLauncher the Original’ is implementing all features of ssLauncher(free version). Additionally, this includes more features, some of which are applied partially to the free version.

* Features

- all of ssLauncher
- copy & paste of shortcuts
- crop icons and images
- additional formatted text
- additional page transition animations
- supports application parcel(folder) without limitation
- add user defined style for shortcut

My favorite launcher of all (I’ve tried Nova, Apex, Go, Touchwiz). Freedom from the grid is so refreshing. The paid version has great features that the free version doesn’t, such as rotated text and the ability to copy an item. The developer is incredibly responsive and helpful. I reported a bug (scrolling widgets) two days ago and it was fixed in today’s release. Amazing! The only remaining issue is lag, not within ssLauncher, but when returning from an app to ssLauncher there is a small, but noticeable delay.

ssLauncher the Original 1.9.3

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

Download Links Below

Download ssLauncher the Original 1.9.3 (v1.9.3) apk Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

Download ssLauncher the Original 1.9.3 (v1.9.3) apk Mediafire (Resumable)

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