Splashtop Remote Desktop (v1.6.6.3) apk download

Splashtop Remote Desktop Remote Desktop

What’s in this Splashtop Remote Desktop

* Stability improvement.
* Support more resolutions.
* New trackpad mode.
* In addition to 2 finger drag/slide, now you can scroll content using virtual mouse wheel.
* Support Ice Cream Sandwich
* Wake-on-LAN. Remote PC needs to be on wired LAN and WoL need to be enabled
* Share the app to friends.
* New “Sharp & Smooth” mode.
* Fixed remote desktop rendered in incorrect color issue on some particular devices.

Splashtop Remote Desktop, 

This is the ONLY remote desktop app that streams the whole PC or Mac screen to your Android smartphone with smooth, high-res video and audio, allowing you to interact with your all applications, games, multimedia content, and files over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks. GO EVERYWHERE WITH JUST YOUR ANDROID DEVICE WITHOUT HAVING TO CARRY YOUR COMPUTER!

#.If you have upgraded Splashtop Streamer on your computer to v2, please visit http://support-remote.splashtop.com/entries/21658867 to configure the settings.

* BEST of CES 2012 — Best Mobile App
* BEST OF CES 2011 Award
* #1 Android Market “Top New Paid App” (June)
* Top Android Market business apps in US, UK, Canada, etc.
* #1 app for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, webOS, etc..

Fast and Easy Setup:
* One-click access to your computer desktop with minimal setup
* Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your computer – supports Windows 7, Vista, and XP, as well as Mac OS X 10.6+ (Snow Leopard or Lion is required for Mac users).
* Application automatically finds your local computers, or sign in to your Gmail account on the app and Streamer to find your computers across the Internet

Follow us:
*Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/splashtop
*Twitter: http://twitter.com/splashtop
*Google+: http://gplus.to/splashtop

Note: If you have an Android 3.x or 4.x tablet, please purchase “Splashtop Remote Desktop HD” instead for enhanced performance optimization.


Doesn’t perform what it says it does, mainly because they haven’t coded to use radeon gpu’s, only geforce, which is ridiculous…movies stutter and so do games. This program needs to open a bit on gpu support because that’s where the transcoding should be taking place not on my overclocked quad core :/ getting decent frame rate with a CPU transcoding is difficult, people saying “its because I have a bad connection.” Good chance it may be what I’m talking about, unless you have a NVIDIA gpu expect stuttering.

Effortless to set up, easy to navigate, offers full access to my windows machine at home. Pinch to zoom can be a bit dodgy at times, but that’s really just a niggle. Promising enough to make me try the metro version, once I have my PC configured. Well done!.

Splashtop gave me a lot more than i was expecting. I was looking for a decent vnc or remote desktop app. This blows those out of the water. I can even watch videos stored on my home pc over the internet, i cant even stream them that well. Setup on both the tablet and pc were a breeze.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splashtop Remote Desktop APK

Splashtop Remote Desktop

More Info  about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

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