Souls TCG 1.3.3 (v1.3.3) apk download

Souls TCG 1.3.3 apk

Souls TCG 1.3.3 apkWhat’s in this Souls TCG 1.3.3 apk

- MUSIC & SFX! ;)
- Fix last achievement not being unlocked
- Fix weird behaviour when unlocking the phone
- Default language detection

Souls TCG 1.3.3, Dive into the universe of Souls with this card game…

Fight countless creatures and defeat the bosses of the four Elemental worlds in Adventure mode…
Use the Elements in your favor, capture the enemy’s cards by choosing yours carefully.
Let your strategy evolve as you gain ever more powerful cards.
I’ve actually been waiting for some audio for this game to be added. It makes a huge difference IMO. Great fun simple game. Hopefully there are more tweaks and improvements down the pipeline.

This is a decent game. I wouldn’t call it great, but, its certainly worth 99 cents. Very easy to play, cute, colorful, non menacing graphics and enough to keep you absorbed for a few hours in short increments…. The only thing the game lacks is character……. the art is compelling, but, without any kind of story there is just not enough to really draw me in…..even so, it doesn’t have any IAP scams or malware integrated into it….. which is getting to be a pretty rare occurence on Android these days……. This game has universal appeal and anyone could like it……..You may even love it……. If you are looking for a decent little Fantasy Card Game thats not overly complex give this a go…..

Souls TCG 1.3.3

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