Snack Pack 1.1.9 (v1.1.9) apk download

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Snack Pack 1.1.9 apk

Snack Pack 1.1.9 apkWhat’s in this version¬†Snack Pack 1.1.9 apk

Over 20 new icons added and revised
New launcher icon color added (ICS Blue)

I really like these. I normally don’t bother with icon packs but these are amazing. the dev is a great guy, I’ve known him for a while and he actually listens to input and requests and that’s very rare in most cases. I highly recommend anyone that likes icons and customization to pick these up.

Snack Pack 1.1.9, This theme is works well with Apex, Nova, ADW, and Go Launchers. It may work with other varying launchers found on the marQket but has not been tested for compatibility.

  • Designed for XHDPI devices. Resolution may vary depending on your device.
  • Icons will continuously be added as time progresses. We will try to honor all icon request as they come in. However, it may not be possible to get all finished at one time so they will be added as the app is updated.
  • Thanks to DCOMOBILE, kovdev, Design Rifts, BSThemes, Rolling Square Productions, Joshuas_79, Klinster, Blair Alton, Frost Designs, 1Rola, NMILTNER
  • Special thanks to DCOMOBILE for helping me to get this theme off my screen and onto your device.
  • Check out the work of those listed above to make your device even greater.

Just great. Icons look amazing, and if there’s an app that isn’t themed, it still gets an overlay that makes it look like it it so it doesn’t look out of place. Weekly updates. Absolutely worth the price and more

Snack Pack 1.1.9

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