Shine Runner HD v1.0 latest Android

Download Shine Runner HD v1.0 latest Android mediafire links here Some games are just a little frustrating on mobile devices. The controls are rarely perfect, the action not quite as big as it needs to be and both the physics and the graphics just a bit of a let down. In fact, it often comes of something of an annoyance that you downloaded it in the first place.  In This Game Your job is to drive one of those swamp, fan-powered, hovercraft things – as made world famous by the series Gentle Ben – from A to B around a basic map delivering and picking up cargo at each stop. Acceleration is automatic and braking is non-existent, so all you have to do is tap each side of the screen to steer. In other words, it’s dead easy but the fun comes in the shape of all the jumps you can make, objects you can smash and police you can evade. Add in the odd Wilhelm Scream for amusement and you already have yourself a winner.

The other side of the experience is the buying and selling of the commodities, which fluctuate in price, at each stop and doing your best to make as much cash as possible. In a way, it’s rather like a very rudimentary, redneck version of Elite. However, you want to think of Shine Runner though, what’s very clear is that it’s an absolute treat for anyone to play. We’re not convinced that the lasting appeal will hold any longer than a few weeks but it’s well worth it all the same.


Throw your flat-bottomed fanboat into high gear and slip and slide through the muddy waters of the backwoods bayou. Smash and crash through a destructible world filled with rickety swamp shacks, fishin’ boats, chicken coops, gators, and more. Pack your cargo hold to the brim with moonshine, tobacky, snake oil and other contraband and then sell ‘em to the highest bidder in a rampagin’ 10-day race for profit and glory. Just make sure you keep an eye out for Smokey–the more notorious you get, the more cops will come gunnin’ for you.

From the same team that brought you critically acclaimed jet ski racer Riptide GP!

Some of review


Fun and fast , earn the most money to buy and sell and raise your best score. Great take on classic caravan games like Space Traders and Drug Wars. Anyone who rates this as a racing game is clueless.


Supporting Bluetooth controllers! Great move :) hope all other game devs take the hint. On screen controls suck! Give us wireless control as standard for Android!


Download Shine Runner HD v1.0 Android Mediafire Links

Download Shine Runner HD v1.0 Android Enterupload Links


  1. Luis says

    Please give another link to download. The first doesn’t have any file and the second gives link to a wepage with no download available…..

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