Shady SMS 3.0 27.06 (v27.06) apk download

Shady SMS 3.0 27.06 apk

Shady SMS 3.0 27.06 apkWhat’s in this Shady SMS 3.0 27.06 apk

(Quik Fix) Fixed minor crash condition in general task notifications
Optimization for the new Droid DNA with a 1080p 440ppi screen, retina++. iPhone says what?
Improved backup, restore, and general task notification layouts
Removed counter from notifications in favor of a timestamp
Added optimized graphics for the new 1080p Android phones being released

Shady SMS 3.0 27.06, Stay with the best Shady SMS!

After opening Shady for the first time WOW, THERE’S NO ICON, NO OPEN BUTTON!

Welcome to Shady SMS 3.0; Shady SMS is by far the best dial to launch secret/hidden SMS messaging application on Android. Once opened there is no icon and no open button!

** How to open Shady **
Once Shady is opened for the first time it is impossible to open the application via any button whatsoever, you have to dial your secret code to open the application. The default dialing code is 123 and 321 and is as simple as opening your telephone and dialing the code and pressing the call button.

** Introduction **
Shady SMS brings you a really cool Android 4.0 optimized user interface, with a fast and secret SMS/MMS messaging experience! The entire contact list is super-fied with complete drag and drop capabilities. Contacts with new messages are automatically moved to the top of the list, and tap to change the star color. Yay for gesture detection!

Shady is the most powerful secret messaging application on Android and beats the pants off anything that can be made on Blackberry, or iPhone. It is a contact list, and all messages sent to contacts in the list are only visible within Shady; Shady contacts are completely invisible to the device, and no longer appear in your phones native messager app.

Unlike the stock messager Shady SMS notifications do not show the content. It is discrete, hidden, SECRET. You can configure the Shady notification message to be anything you’d like, so at 2AM when you get a message from Bob’s BarBQ there will appear to be nothing Shady going on. Shady provides maximized confidentiality, and optimized security protecting you from prying eyes. Shady is a vault, THE supreme Android vault solving countless problems!

** The Good Stuff **
24/7 email support, [email protected]
19 free messager themes
25 Free contact list fonts
5 Contact list styles
4 Animation settings
51 free custom notification icons
Full support for 2G/3G/4G
Powerful backup and restore feature
The only fully functional Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich optimized secret SMS messager on Android

** New Contact List Sorting Features **
Shady SMS has the only complete, gesture detecting, drag and drop contact list of all secret SMS messagers on the Play Store. Truly an awesome feature, and it gives the Android contact list a run for its money. Choose from 4 different sort methods including an alphabetic sorting feature.

** Notifications Replacement **
Shady SMS replaces the stock SMS/MMS notification mechanism. Shady’s complete notifications system fully manages all Shady and regular contact SMS/MMS notifications. The stock notifications mechanism is disabled by opening the default messager,and by un-checking the “notifications” checkbox in the settings.

** MMS filtering **
Shady features the best MMS filter on the Play Store. After your device downloads the MMS attachment Shady will filter it! You logically want to enable “auto download” in your stock messaging application so the filtering process is seamless. Shady handles video, images, audio, and texts flawlessly. Don’t forget to enable auto download MMS attachments in your stock messager for a seamless filtering experience!

** Third Party Messagers **
You must remove Chomp, Handcent, and Go SMS to receive technical support; it is preferred to use Shady ONLY with the stock/default messager that comes with your phone.

** Market Download History **
Use of App Locker 2 is officially recommended to lock down the Play Store downloads tab. Its an ingenious app, with a free version. Apps cannot be removed from the downloads tab :-/

** Affiliation **
Shady SMS is not affiliated with Blackbook, SPC, Blacklist, Redlist, My Calculator, Private SMS/MMS Box, Fox Private Message, Horizon, Locky, Hide Text & Call logs, Conspirator, Call Guard(SMS & Call Blocker), CATE Call and Text Eraser, Secret Vault-Hide Picture&SMS, and Mr. Number: Text, Call & Block.

Shady SMS 3.0 27.06

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

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