RpnCalc Financial — HP 12C 1.41 (v1.41) apk download

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RpnCalc Financial — HP 12C 1.41 apk

RpnCalc Financial -- HP 12C 1.41 apkWhat’s in this RpnCalc Financial — HP 12C 1.41 apk

Fixes STO <financial register> issue.
Brought back the previous look by popular demand.

RpnCalc Financial — HP 12C 1.41,RpnCalc Financial is the highest-rated and most popular financial calculator on the Android Market.

It has an interface that users of the HP 12C financial calculator line will be completely at home with, but does much more. Calculations are far faster, doing in a fraction of a second what the classic calculator could take minutes to compute.

RpnCalc Financial is a highly versatile full-function programmable financial calculator. It includes math, finance, and statistics functions.Features include:

* Time value of money (TVM)
* Amortization
* Cash flow analysis: IRR, NPV
* Bond pricing
* Date and interest calculations
* Percentages, markups, percentage of total
* Scientific mode
* Basic (large key) mode
* 20 Memories
* 99 Program steps
* Key click (haptic feedback)
* Continouous memory

Improvements over the classic HP 12C:

* 16-level stack
* Front four stack elements displayed
* Programs can be saved and restored
* Programs displayed symbolically
* Memories are not sacrificed to make room for program steps
* Full amortization display, register display, NPV display, and program display.

RpnCalc Financial has a sixteen-level stack to hold more data. The front four elements on the stack are visible at all times, making it much easier to keep track of where you are in your calculations.

Calculator programs are stored and displayed symbolically, making programming much easier. Programs can be stored and retrieved from the sd card whenever your Android is in file-sharing mode.

See http://www.efalk.org/RpnCalcFinancial for a full description.

If you want to “test drive” a similar calculator before purchasing, try the free “RpnCalc” scientific calculator.

RpnCalc Financial — HP 12C 1.41

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