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Root Toolbox PRO 2.2.1 apk

Root Toolbox PRO 2.2.1 apkWhat’s in this Root Toolbox PRO 2.2.1 apk

* Minor bug fixes
* Code clean up

Root Toolbox PRO 2.2.1, I cannot respond to comments so E-MAIL ME!!!!

Root, Busybox and S-off are require to use most features in this app.

Current Features:
-Wipe Delvik
-Wipe Battery Stats
-Remount System
-Backup/Restore/Flash/Erase Recovery
-Backup/Restore/Flash/Erase Boot
-Fix permissions
-Launch Hidden Menu
-Fix Market Links
-Sim Settings
-Themes chooser options
-Restart Status Bar
-Dual Mount Sdcard
-System App Remover/Backup/Restore
-Enable/Disable Boot Animation
-Change boot animation
-Read Logcat
-Display Device Information
-Download To Change Sdcard Read Speed
-Wipe All Webview Cache
-MD5 Sum Fixer
-Debug Message
-Install Cyanogenmod’s DSP Manager
-Install Jellybean(4.2) Camera
-Install Jellybean(4.2) Keyboard

All suggestions on features I can add or change to improve this app are always welcome. Please fill free to E-mail me and ill get back to you as soon as possable.

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DISCLAIMER: This app is made available for use at your own risk with no warranty of any kind.

Root Toolbox PRO 2.2.1

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  1. G Michael DjojopranotoMarch 3, 2013 at 11:31 amReply

    Kalao donlod lgs di device kenapa hasilnya null.txt ya? Bingung kalao dari PC ga masalah…

  2. Devitrianto.comMarch 3, 2013 at 2:13 pmReply

    sudah di coba beberapa mirror tetap sama?? di ane gak ada masalah soalnya gan.. user lain juga gak pernah complain

  3. G Michael DjojopranotoMarch 3, 2013 at 2:46 pmReply

    Coba sandspace juga sama bro tapi di PC gak masalah kok…hanya kalau langsung dari device ajah nih aneh banget

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