RocketDial Pro 3.3.0 (v3.3.0) apk download

RocketDial Pro 3.3.0 apk

RocketDial Pro 3.3.0 apkWhat’s in this RocketDial Pro 3.3.0 apk

- (Bug Fixes) Bug fixes for known major issues.
- (Improvement) Improved Caller ID stability.
- (New) Added a new Connected Caller ID skin.
- (New) Added fast navigation , triggered by double click on alphabet bar.
- More

RocketDial Pro 3.3.0, RocketDial РProfessional Smart Dialer.

Happy Holiday Season !!!

Detailed Features

Fast and Powerful Smart search Smart Search :
- T9 search for names, organizations, title, phone numbers,websites, any field…
- T9 search from Contacts/ Call History / Groups / Favorites
- Filter search results

Account Management:
- Choose all or one single account in your phone , shows / manage contacts within this account.
- Duplicate contacts from account to account.

- Large buttons for select, quick and easy dialing.
- Support High Quality photos, no blur photos.

Advanced Batch Mode :
- Send SMS /Email /Assign Ringtone to multiple contacts

Group management:
- Easily managing groups , add/remove item to/from groups.
- Set Group Ringtone
- Group SMS, Group MMS, Group Email.
- Share Group info (vcard included) .

Amazing Gesture Support:
- Slide to switch between Tabs just like ICS stock dialer
- Swipe on dial pad for predefined operations .
- Swipe on bottom bar icon, right for enable batch mode, left for disable batch mode or clear phone number in dialpad.
- Swipe on contact item , wipe left for dial ; swipe right for SMS.
- Handwriting for searching contacts just like in Google Gesture Search App.
- Handwriting navigation on contact screen, write a character in screen and RocketDial will navigate to the sections with this character.

Caller ID :
- 10+ Caller ID skins support for incoming calls including an ICS style Skin, apply skin in settings->caller ID .
- Full Screen Caller ID with true High Quality picture (assign HD photo in contact detail screen).
- Show organizations / Name / Formated Phone number / Locations .
- Incoming CallerID Features: Mute ring / Answer with Speaker/ Decline with predefined SMS / Call Back …
- Support Outgoing Caller ID, full screen with High Quality Picture.
- Supporting Notes writing in call, Notes saved appears in notification bar .
- Missed Call Notification.
- Notigo (Root clear missed call ) is supported, find Notigo here in this link :

Great Appearance Customizations
- With HD photo assigned, contacts are shown with high quality pictures, stunning quality.
- Support assigning different color to Group Tab.
- Change background , choose picture from your phone to use as dialer background.
- Landscape mode support.
- 10+ Great Skins support . Apply in settings->choose Skin.
- Customize font size/ font color for almost every text field you see.
- 4 Dialpad Style, Dial/ SMS button can be in left/right/bottom.

More Features:
- Speed dialing numbers 1 – 99
- Call Confirm.
- Supports UK/China/US/Canada phone number attribution.
- Configure Alphabet Bar on your own.
- Phone Vibration on phone connected/end.
- Exit dialer or lock screen or goto HOME when Call Ends.
- Black List, support rejecting incoming calls .
- Format phone numbers , support US/Canada/UK/Russia/Ukraine/China/Taiwan. Customize phone number using patterns , example (###-(###)-####), fill on your needs.
- Support Facebook contacts,(before android 4.0 )

Below Character Sets are supported in T9 Search:
Portuguese and most of the Latin characters, also Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, Korean.

If you enable Lock Screen Feature under android 2.2 and above . You have to uncheck the “Setting–>Location and Security–>Select Device Manager–> RocketDial” in order to uninstall RocketDial
Notice: 2.9.6 Added Network Access Permission for downloading latest theme list.

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RocketDial Pro 3.3.0

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

Download Links Below

Download RocketDial Pro 3.3.0 (v3.3.0) apk Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

Download RocketDial Pro 3.3.0 (v3.3.0) apk Mediafire (Resumable)

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