Roboteer 1.1 (v1.1) apk download

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 Roboteer 1.1 (v1.1) apk download

Roboteer 1.1 apk

Roboteer 1.1 Roboteer 1.1 (v1.1) apk downloadRoboteer 1.1 apk, TEST IT – BLOW IT UP – REDESIGN IT

Robotics is all about problem analysis, design, engineering, testing, prototyping, breaking down, starting over, redesigning, retesting, etc, until you eventually have a robot that solves the problem.

Roboteer brings this process to a non-technical game level where the player is the Robotics Engineer, i.e Roboteer, who has to perform all the tasks of the Robotics Engineer, including:
- analyzing the challenge
- formulating a design,
- constructing the design,
- prototyping the robot,
- testing its operation,
- blowing it up and starting over,
- repeating this prototyping cycle until the design and operation can successfully complete the challenge.


“Whoever designed this is evil”, High School student, on his 8th prototyping cycle.

“I did it, my robot won a medal”, 8 year old who completed his first challenge.

“I love blowing up my robot, its so cool”, 5 year old who is still learning

“I could use this in class”, School teacher with unruly, bored students

“Oh this has girly colors”, young teenage girl who likes robots.

“Roboteer is like the Minecraft of Robotics”, a confirmed gamer.

Getting Started:
Only 2 things matter in this game.
1. Build your robot by dragging your components onto the “Power Cube” or other components.
2. Play button to operate your robot, and touch the screen to activate a virtual operator control circle. All other components have touch buttons.


Roboteer 1.1

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 Roboteer 1.1 (v1.1) apk download

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