QuitNow! Pro 2.6.50 (v2.6.50) apk download

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 QuitNow! Pro 2.6.50 (v2.6.50) apk download

QuitNow! Pro 2.6.50 apk

QuitNow Pro 2.6.50 QuitNow! Pro 2.6.50 (v2.6.50) apk downloadWhat’s in this QuitNow! Pro 2.6.50 apk

- Be notified when someone mentions you in the chat! (only at Pro version)
- Created more than 30 new achivements to make you enjoy walking the path! (only at Pro version)
- The Widget has a new design
- The Gallery screen has been simplified
- Resolved a bug related to the pull-to-refresh function at the chat screen
- The time remaining in the Health screen is more readable
- Some other minor improvements

QuitNow! Pro 2.6.50, Let your Android help you quit smoking!

If you liked QuitNow!… be Pro for less than the cost of a cigarettes’ pack!

* Unlocked health screen
* 47 more achievements
* Mention indicators and real-time notifications
* Unlimited chat scrolling
* No ads!
* Thank the developers team icon smile QuitNow! Pro 2.6.50 (v2.6.50) apk download
* … and more coming!

I really like this app.. so much that I upgraded from the regular version because of the extra achievements to unlock. Two things though.. Please allow users to “share” health achievements on Facebook.. and I don’t understand “THE Saver” achievement. It says “You saved 1.000″. What does this mean? I think it’s supposed to be $1000? Please fix.

QuitNow! Pro 2.6.50

 QuitNow! Pro 2.6.50 (v2.6.50) apk download


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