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Profile Scheduler+ 2.0.8Profile Scheduler+ 2.0.8

What’s in this Profile Scheduler+ 2.0.8

- New rule type: Orientation (face-up or face-down)
- Support devices without telephony capability
- More reliable rule for Wifi, BT, Headset and battery (require background service)
- Smaller memory footprint

Profile Scheduler+ 2.0.8, Profile Scheduler allows you to edit and create profiles and activate them the way you like. You will no longer need to change back to normal volume level manually after a meeting or a movie.
5 default profiles are available: Normal, Meeting, Silent, Night and Outdoor. If you don’t like them, simply change them or create your own. You may consider the following profiles:

Car – GPS on, Bluetooth on, Wi-Fi off, screen never timeout.
Power Saver – Mobile data, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth off, low brightness, short screen timeout, auto-sync off

The following profile settings are supported:

  • Volume for ringtone, notification, alarm, media, voice and system
  • Vibrate for incoming call and notification
  • Phone Ringtone
  • Notification Ringtone
  • Airplane mode
  • Mobile Data
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS (May not work on some phones due to Google blocking it)
  • Speaker Mode
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Audible touch tone
  • Brightness – Automatic, Default or Custom
  • Screen timeout – 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, Never
  • Auto-sync
  •  Wallpaper from Gallery or File Manager.
  • Launch application
  • Support ‘Volume Locker’

Cool features :

  • Rule prioritization
  • Whitelist contacts: customise ringer/sms volume for certain contacts regardless of profile. Can be used as blacklist.

Options :

  • Backup & Restore user data
  • Option for to disable scheduler/rule
  • Rule prioritization
  • 2 color themes
  • 12/24 hours display
  • Countdown timer

User Reviews:

My data plan is not by mb but by time. Impossible to find a net monitoring program that would disable mobile data by timer. This one does it beautifully and at the same time allows other settings plus application launch for record. Beautiful.

Doesn’t play notifications on the Samsung S3 when contact is Whitelisted and phone in mute for night time. Otherwise very good

I love this app! Works great! Can this be updated for jelly bean? On ICS the media and Bluetooth volume were the same but on jelly bean they are separate so I have to manually set it. Thanks!!

This app is simply brilliant. The functionality is so critical to my phone use that I honestly think that it should be integrated into the droid OS. After wasting money on several ringtone management and call blocking apps, I found Profile Scheduler+ and it was a complete game changer. The ability to program the phone with event-driven profiles is invaluable. It ensures that bluetooth and wi-fi are available only when they’re required, and not wasting battery life when they aren’t of any use. Way to go Wetpalm!.

I have tried Tasker, far too complicated, for me. I tried Locale, simpler to use, but seems to use more battery than Profile Scheduler. Also my phone (Sensation) started to play up, Lock screen wouldn’t appear, had to drop the notification bar to enter the phone!. Profile Scheduler is way better, so, I purchased the plus version. Could use some more icons, though, (please). Widget is clean, simple and gives the right amount of information. I would give it five stars if, it was more customisable.

Simply amazing. Does what bit says on the tin. Keeps getting better and better as new features added in updates. I have contacted the developer in the past and have had helpful response. Thanks.

Profile Scheduler+ 2.0.8

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