Podkicker Pro 1.5.4 (v1.5.4) apk download

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Podkicker Pro 1.5.4 (v1.5.4) apk downloadby Devit Riantoon.Podkicker Pro 1.5.4 (v1.5.4) apk download

Podkicker Pro 1.5.4 apk

Podkicker Pro 1.5.4 apkWhat’s in this Podkicker Pro 1.5.4 apk

some playlist bugfixes

Podkicker Pro 1.5.4, This is one of the most popular podcast players for android.

★ Dedicated search engine containing 200.000+ podcasts.
★ Plays audio and video.
★ Flattr integration.
★ Import from Google Listen / Reader
★ Free from ads.
★ Frequently updated.
★ Automatic downloads and rich notifications.
★ Podcast recommendations based on current subscriptions.
★ ICS and Jelly Bean support.
★ Sleeptimer.
★ Categories.
★ Swipe navigation
★ Carmode when driving.
★ Fast and efficient, .apk around 300kb.
★ No bloat.
★ Support for Basic Http Authentication
★ Utilizes the caching mechanism of the http protocol.
★ Supported mediaformats: http://bit.ly/Cpjbh
★ OPML, RSS 2.0 and ATOM support.

If you have problems or feature requests, just drop me an email and we’ll figure it out.
** Right now there are a lot of unanswered emails to which I just cannot find time to answer :/
A quickstart to get you going:

The main screen of podkicker is divided into four tabs; Channels, Episodes, Downloads, Playlist.

You use horizontal swiping gestures with your finger to switch between the tabs.

The Channel tab lists the podcasts you currently subscribe to.

The Episode tab lists the 200 latest episodes from all your subscriptions.

The Downloads tab lists the episodes you have downloaded to your phone.

The Playlist is a list of downloads you want to play in a certain order.

The rest should be quite self explanatory.

Podkicker Pro 1.5.4

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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