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Planets Pack 1.6.1 apk

Planets Pack 1.6.1 apkWhat’s in this Planets Pack 1.6.1 apk

+ NEW Suns, sun illuminating the planet
+ NEW More 3D stars, objects in space
+ Fixed save/load themes

Planets Pack 1.6.1, In our galaxies, Inferno, Ice, Pegasus, Colossus … There are many of the lost planets, I decided to find some of them. I wonder myself what can be found there …

At this time, succeeded find a six lost planets, after examination it seemed that the two of them have life! Guess which are … I also found a new Earth, Young Earth

Currently we have 9 planets, all are 3D with many options to set:

1. New Earth
2. Fimes Planet
3. Nebanu Planet
4. Gelidon Planet
5. Emos Gas Giant
6. Doa Planet
7. Maleama Planet ( update 1.2 )
8. New Hope ( update 1.3)
9. Atlantis ( update 1.3)

You can set :

+ Planet rotation speed
+ Lighting the Planet
+ Clouds type
+ Wind speed
+ Clouds on/off
+ Atmosphere lighting color
+ Atmosphere lighting power
+ Atmosphere on/off
+ Stars on/off
+ Planet rings
+ Suns. Sun illuminating the planet
+ NEW Suns. Sun illuminating the planet
+ NEW More 3D stars, objects in space
+ Fixed save/load themes

+ Fixed Nexus 10 issue.

+ Faster loading
+ NEW Planets Rings.
+ NEW option, 4 size types of rocks in rings.

+ NEW 2 Planets: New Hope , Atlantis

+ NEW Planet : Maleama Planet
+ HURRICANE on all Planets !
+ Planet position on screen : left, right
+ Hurricane, rotation speed
+ Hurricane, move speed
+ Hurricane thunders light on/off
+ Hurricane on/off
+ Stars type : white, blue-red, blue-green
+ Time of day. Custom themes
+ Load and Save custom themes
+ Left-Right animation speed

Guaranteed to add the newly found planets, and add the new setting , additions in the next updates ! The Live Wallpaper can be run on phones and tablets, ICS , JB too.
HOW ACTIVATE:  Hurricane, Planet Rings

1. Go to setting, and select:
Elements  > Hurricane, Planet Rings

HOW TO USE: ‘Time of day’ options, custom theme

If you check ON ‘Time of day’ checkbox, default saved themes will be loaded. Or you can set yours. Your saved themes will be automatically loaded on time.

How set your :
1. Set your all settings, background, planets, modes…
2. Save custom theme for selected hours, you see it on icons, blue is a key
3. Set ON ‘Time of day’ checkbox
4. Your saved themes will be automatically loaded on time

You may always save or load custom theme,
without use ‘Time of day’ checkbox.

Please comments, thanks !
Thanks for help !

Planets Pack 1.6.1

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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Download Planets Pack 1.6.1 (v1.6.1) apk Via Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

Download Planets Pack 1.6.1 (v1.6.1) apk Via Zippyshare (No waiting & Fast)


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