Phase 10 1.1.1 (v1.1.1) apk download

Phase 10 1.1.1 apk

Phase 10 1.1.1 apkMost people who I show this card game to, think it is soo boring and old fashioned but it is addicting and hard to stop playing. This is one of the few games where you can be an underdog but still win. Only down side is no sound. Even cards shuffling would be better than nothing! But hey, put in your ipod headphones and jam while playing phase 10 til the end!

What’s in this Phase 10 1.1.1 apk

✓ Added Jellybean support.
✓ Resolved all Google Nexus issues

Phase 10 1.1.1, The popular Phase 10 card game is now on Android! If you like rummy then you’ll love Phase 10. Race your opponents and complete your ten phases first, just make sure you don’t fall behind.

Features :

  • The official Phase 10 App for Android
  • Available in French, German, Spanish, & Italian
  • High resolution graphics
  • Over 15 player avatars to choose from
  • Three difficulty levels and card speeds

Play one of the best-selling card games of all-time anywhere, any time. Fans of exciting and challenging card games have been playing Phase 10 for more than 30 years. Now you can take this game to the next phase wherever you are.

I really like this game I can play all night if my phone battery would let me . Great app to have if you are waiting for something, time flies when you are playing phase 10 :-)

Phase 10 1.1.1

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

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