Norton Utilities & Task Killer Full apk download

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 Norton Utilities & Task Killer Full apk download

Norton Utilities Task Killer Full Norton Utilities & Task Killer Full apk downloadNorton Utilities & Task Killer Full

What’s in this Norton Utilities & Task Killer Full

Added Battery Sleep Profile to automatically extend battery life while you sleep.
Updated the UI to follow the ICS style guide.
Added Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish translations.
Several bug fixes.
NOTE: There are two outstanding issues that we are working on resolving soon where mobile data, SMS, and phone minutes are either double counted (issue on Gingerbread), or off by a significant margin (other versions of Android).

Norton Utilities & Task Killer Full, IMPORTANT: There is an issue with correctly tracking phone minutes, SMS, and mobile data that were are working on addressing in the near future. These include a double counting issue due to a problem API on Gingerbread. In the interim, please visit our support forum for help:

Norton Mobile Utilities Lite provides essential tools to boost the performance of your smartphone and tablet in a single app. Active management of your mobile device and other installed apps will improve the Android user experience.

Track phone voice minutes / SMS text messages / data usage to avoid overages and extra fees on your monthly wireless bill. Monitor system resources including CPU speed, memory usage, and internal storage space. Manage background tasks and kill battery draining apps. Uninstall unwanted apps and clear app cache.


Terminate memory-hogging apps with advanced task killer
Keep track of cell phone voice, SMS texting, and data usage
Auto-alert reminders before you exceed your monthly wireless plan
View real-time monitors for CPU speed, memory usage, and network status
Simplified app management for power users
Uninstall unwanted apps and clear temporary files to free up storage
Find and manage installer files on your SD card
Move apps to your SD card
Quick access to system information such as hardware details and wireless carrier network


Get started for FREE. Upgrade for $9.99 to get the full version of Norton Mobile Utilities:

Preserve battery juice and use your phone longer between recharges
Advanced power settings trigger automatically when your battery reaches a certain level
Time based settings with configurable start and stop times for battery savings while you sleep
Track voice minutes / SMS text messages / mobile data usage while roaming to avoid additional fees on your monthly phone bill
Automatically kill running apps at scheduled intervals to free up memory and speed up your device


Plenty of Android apps promise to boost speed and improve battery life, but many of them directly affect your phone’s system settings and require a rooted device to function properly. There has also been a rise in Android malware masquerading as utilities and battery saver apps. Be cautious before installing an app that will affect your device’s system performance. Consult user reviews and install a trusted mobile utilities app backed by a experienced security provider.

Norton Mobile Utilities is a suite of tools designed to optimize the performance of your smartphone and tablet. Accelerate your Android for peak performance.


For feedback and suggestions, please visit our support forum:



Founded in 1982, Symantec has more than 20,500 employees in more than 50 countries. We are the global leader in providing security, storage, and systems management solutions. In an information-driven world, consumers, small businesses, and large global organizations rely on Symantec to secure and manage their data.

Norton is our flagship brand for Antivirus, Malware, and Internet Security Protection for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. With over 23 years of experience, trust Norton to keep your personal data safe.


For maximum protection, we recommend using an antivirus and malware solution such as Norton Mobile Security Lite, in combination with Norton Mobile Utilities Lite.

Learn more about Norton Mobile Security Lite on the Android platform:


Symantec respects the privacy of our users and carefully safeguards personal data. For more information:

Norton Utilities & Task Killer Full

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 Norton Utilities & Task Killer Full apk download


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