Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1 (v4.1.1) apk download

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 Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1 (v4.1.1) apk download

Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1 apk

Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1 Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1 (v4.1.1) apk downloadWhat’s in this Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1 apk

* Portrait mode!
* More intuitive use of the back button. Enjoy! icon biggrin Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1 (v4.1.1) apk download

Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1, This is the closest you’ll get to a Windows ‘desktop mode’ on your Android – multiscreen multitasking allows you to open up browsers, video player and text editors in resizable and moveable windows. Feel like you’re in Minority Report – tile browsers and read more than one website at once, watch Avengers while reading the news, or open up a text document at the same time in order to take notes on what you’re reading.

Send messages and check your e-mail without needing to stop browsing, or open maps and drawpad and then draw directions for someone… For those with tablets this allows for PC style multi-tasking and productivity – running the ‘mini apps’ currently included.


  • Option to choose your own desktop background
  • Word count
  • Spell check
  • Video player
  • Basic drawing/doodling
  • Find and Replace
  • Up to three browsers and two editors on screen at once
  • Resizeable windows
  • Maps
  • Double tap to maximize
  • Drag to the side to clip to half the screen
  • Zoom for both browser and text editor
  • Send e-mails from the editor
  • Send text and receive messages from the SMS terminal

Many more features are coming soon – please support this app if you want to see camera, file browsing, games and music functions added more quickly!

I have heard complaints recently about the app performing slowly on older devices. I’m looking into this next next update will be simple tweaks and refactoring to help it run quicker icon smile Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1 (v4.1.1) apk download


You can’t click the toolbars when they are infront of browser windows or text views…

Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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 Multiscreen Multitasking 4.1.1 (v4.1.1) apk download


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