Morning Bird Alarm Clock 1.4 (v1.4) apk download

Morning Bird Alarm Clock 1.4 apkMorning Bird Alarm Clock 1.4 apk

What’s in this Morning Bird Alarm Clock 1.4 apk

_ IMPORTANT: Fix a crash when opening menu for Gingerbread and Froyo devices.
_ NEW: Added new setting to enable turning off quiz mode when sounding alarms (based on many users’ requests) .
_ NEW: Added option to adjust the number of answers shown in quiz mode.
_ NEW: Added new randomization setting (recommended with quiz mode so that the question will be randomized every time the alarm is sound).
_ FIX: Improve responsiveness in the bird selection screen by removing unnecessary calculation.

Morning Bird Alarm Clock 1.4, Morning Bird Alarm Clock – The Only Natural Way to Wake Up -

*** Featured on Android And Me: 10 new apps worth checking out this week (Week Oct. 8 – Oct. 12) ***

*** Reviewed and recommended by CNET in “Friday App Wrap” ***

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———— REVIEW ————
*** “Last week I shared this app in the Android Rookies column because my brother Clark loves birds, and it turns out quite a few of you in the audience share his passion. This paid app will cost you $0.99, but it’s worth a shot if you are a fan of nature.” – Taylor Wimberly, Chief Editor at Android and Me.

“A harshly buzzing alarm clock in the morning can be such a depressing way to wake up. Morning Bird replaces it with the lovely sound of birdsong … and then does something so heinous we think it just might be genius. In order to turn the alarm off, you have to correctly answer three randomised quiz questions about birds.” -CNET-

Morning Bird Alarm Clock is a unique alarm clock that uses authentic bird sounds to wake you up. Energize your morning with many morning bird species across the world.

That’s not all. Morning Bird Alarm Clock also comes with a built-in quiz system to test your bird knowledge and it will only unlock if you answer the question correctly (or at least tried 3 times without success).

Morning Bird Alarm Clock also comes with a bird guide for you to enrich your knowledge of many bird species that can be found every morning in many countries around the world.

And that’s not the end, yet. Morning Bird Alarm Clock also comes with a beautifully designed clock widget for you to decorate your Android homescreen. It’s specifically designed to strictly adhere to Google’s UI guidelines for newer handsets such as Galaxy S3, HTC One X, Galaxy Nexus, Sony Xperia S, etc…

With this app, you and your kids will have plenty of fun to talk and laugh about every morning.

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Morning Bird Alarm Clock 1.4

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