MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO 1.20 (v1.20) apk download

MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO 1.20 apk

MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO 1.20 apkWhat’s in this MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO 1.20 apk

Version 1.20
- 64 NEW Icons
- 50 UPDATE Icons
- A lot of Activities fixed

MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO 1.20, >>>>>>>>> INFO <<<<<<<<<<<

MIUI X4 Theme PRO/DONATE for Go Launcher Ex
The Icon Pack is also compatible with NOVA Launcher AND Apex Launcher

This is a PRO/DONATE VERSION of the Theme, there is also a FREE VERSION in the Market. It takes a lot of time and effort to create this Theme and if you would like to honor the hours I am putting into adding activities and Icons to the Theme buy the Pro/Donate Version. All Icons are free of use and can be found in my Blog or on XDA in the Miui V4 Project Vexillum topic.

FREE Version = up to 728 Icons
PRO/DONATE VERSION = more than 2109 Icons

I am splitting it up because at one point there will be too much Icons to change it by hand. GoLauncher will crash because of too much Icons loaded into the Ram. I love my Icons and never changing any Icon. Therefore, this Theme it is split into the FREE Version with +600 Icons, where everybody can change the Icons and the PRO/DONATE Version where every week are added more and more Icons. But be aware that the Pro/Donate Version can’t change Icons when 800 Icons are exceeded.

This Theme is based on the MIUI V4 Theme of ProjectVexillum at XDA. I created some Icons by myself and will do it also in future, but it is a Community Project.

>>>>>>>>> FEATURES <<<<<<<<<<<

+ 2109 Icons in the Theme ( Version 1.20 )
+ HDPI and MDPI Screen compatible
+ Go Launcher EX Theme
+ Nova Launcher compatible
+ Apex Launcher compatible
+ Holo Launcher compatible
+ ADW Launcher compatible
+ 84 Pixel Icons ( HIGH QUALITY )
+ New Folder Design
+ New App Drawer Design
+ Cool Wallpaper
>>>>>>>>> TUTORIAL <<<<<<<<<<<

1. click in the Market on download and install the Theme
2. click on the Menu Button on your Phone at the Homescreen and choose Themes
3. search for the MIUI X4 PRO Theme and click on “Apply”

NOTIZ! Usually an update should be displayed automatically. If you don’t see the new Icons just kill GoLauncher or try to switch the theme and back to the MIUI X4 PRO Theme.
>>>>>>>>> WEBSITE <<<<<<<<<<<

All Icons, Pictures and many more in my BLOG



>>>>>>>>> GoLauncher + Jelly Bean Loading Bug <<<<<<<<<<<

Here is a solution http://goo.gl/izzIm

MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO 1.20

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

Download Links Below

Password link = devitrianto.com

Download MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO 1.20 (v1.20) apk Sendpace (Resumable)

Download MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO 1.20 (v1.20) apk Zippyshare (No waiting & fast)

Download MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO 1.20 (v1.20) apk Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

How to Download File?? Please Click here "How to Download File" if you are confuse about download links

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