Mind Games (Ad Free) 0.5.2 (v0.5.2) apk download

Mind Games (Ad Free) 0.5.2 apk

Mind Games (Ad Free) 0.5.2 apkWhat’s in this Mind Games (Ad Free) 0.5.2 apk

Add new puzzle type (Lights Off) + 15 levels

Mind Games (Ad Free) 0.5.2, Mind Games – a new game for relax and, at the same time, to work – the work of the mind.
A game for those who like to solve puzzles and riddles. For those who are in between work
strives to practice in logic and mathematics.

The game is a collection of the best puzzles of varying difficulty
At the moment, 18 different types of puzzles, and 230 levels.

• Thought-out sequence of levels
• Good graphics
• Intriguing soundtrack
• Game is definitely interested in how children and young people, and older people

Like I said, the game is a collection of interesting puzzles. Some are known to all of us from childhood – a variant of the game reversi, chess puzzles, peg puzzle. And some are a combination of two advanced games, such as in the case of sea battle or Sudoku.
WARNING!!! Game for smart people only. If you can`t pass start screen , please delete game and do not ask others. Because next puzzles may be more complicated.
Chess,Checkers,Chess Puzzles, Reversi, Puzzle, Puzzle games, Fifteen Puzzle, Chinese Checkers, Sudoku,Peg Puzzle,Infection , 7th guest, 11th hour

Mind Games (Ad Free) 0.5.2

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

Download Links Below

Password link = devitrianto.com

Download Mind Games (Ad Free) 0.5.2 (v0.5.2) apk Via Sendspace (Resumable)

Download Mind Games (Ad Free) 0.5.2 (v0.5.2) apk Via Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

Download Mind Games (Ad Free) 0.5.2 (v0.5.2) apk Via Zippyshare (No waiting & Fast)

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