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Lord&Master 1.70 apk

Lord&Master 1.70 apkWhat’s in this Lord&Master 1.70 apk

Some bugs are fixed
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Lord&Master 1.70, Command your troops, swing your sword, and bring together the war torn world!
From a mercenary to a knight, a lord, and eventually a king…
Command your troops, swing your sword, and bring together the war torn continent as one!

Language options: Japanese and English
Huge battles between huge armies

  • Ride your horse and dive in with your spear
  • Give objectives to your army and command them to victory
  • Fight on the field with your sword

Survive the battle field that few hundred men fight on!

Four countries, rich in diversity

  • The Republic of Elysion, a mecca for merchants and vessels to trade…
  • The Empire of Dardania, buried darkly in volcanic ashes…
  • The Holy Empire of Crete, a religious country covered in snow…
  • The Royal Kingdom of Fredea, quietly standing in depth of the forests…

Choose your favorite country, and aim to become King!

Rest for a moment in the cities

  • Talk to civilians to obtain hints of how to win battles
  • Visit the Blacksmith to upgrade your weapons and armory
  • Recruit soldiers for the battle at the Tavern

Visit cities in between your battles to prepare for your adventures!

More than 20 Bases, and more than 10 Characters

  • With your ally knights, advance your troops into an enemy country
  • And fight to take over their castles!

Serve your country and raise your scores, make the castles yours and overthrow their army!

Lord&Master 1.70

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