Locus Map Pro 2.15.0 apk download

Locus Map Pro 2.15.0 apk

Locus Map Pro 2.15.0 apkWhat’s in this Locus Map Pro 2.15.0 apk

  • add: new Visicom online maps
  • add: new Wikimapia online maps
  • add: new one-finger (Google like) zoom method
  • add: finally shading for ALL! maps (even personal now)
  • chg: improved system for merging tracks
  • chg: another small improvement in vector map speed
  • fix: finally working ANT+ support (required latest ANT libraries)

GPS outdoor navigation app for hiking, geocaching, sport activities and your everyday life. Download many types of cycling and hiking maps for off-line usage. Powerful system for geocaching, intelligent GPS for long battery life and many more

Online maps

  • Openstreetmap – OSM, Freemap, SHOCart, SmartMaps, MapQuest, Navigasi, Turaterkep, NzTopoMaps,, ChartBundle and more
  • Most of them are downloadable for offline usage without cell coverage
  • Full WMS maps support

Offline maps

  • Vector maps (for a low fee) for city, car, hiking, cycle, ski – downloadable by in-app billing
  • Support for formats SQLite, TAR maps, MBT maps, GEMF, RMAP, Orux, SmartMaps
  • Create own maps from OpenStreetMap data or custom themes


  • By address, coordinates, own points, localized photos
  • For places around by Google Places, Wikipedia

Point of interest (POI) & Tracks

  • Handle unlimited number of points/tracks, categorize, sort, edit, import, export and much more


  • Use Geocaching Live! service and add-ons to get full offline experience when you searching for caches
  • Support for waypoints, PocketQuery, trackables, spoilers

Track record

  • Unlimited possibilities for configuration
  • Custom styles for map, like color by altitude, by speed
  • Support for ANT+ sensor

Voice navigation & guiding

  • Full support for Online voice navigation
  • Voice & notification guiding on single waypoint (by compass or on the map) and along path


  • Integration of GPSies, Breadcrumbs, Trainingstagebuch, Street View, Google Earth and others
  • Work with KML, KMZ, GPX, OpenAir, DXF formats


  • Special methods to handle GPS. Satellite screen with current situation, notification on GPS state, Bluetooth GPS, advanced system for disabling GPS when is needed to conserve battery
  • Weather service – detailed forecast for 7 days / 3 hours on every place on Earth
  • Highly customizable
  • Integration of Google My Maps (reading and editing)
  • Parking
  • POI alert
  • Dashboard – fully customizable
  • Ability to use apps like c:geo, Sygic, GPS status and others directly from Locus
  • API for developers
  • Existing 3rd party add-ons

Locus Map Pro 2.15.0

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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Download Locus Map Pro 2.15.0 apk Via Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

Download Locus Map Pro 2.15.0 apk Via Zippyshare (No waiting & Fast)


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