Link It Pro 1.7 (v1.7) apk download

Link It Pro 1.7 apk

Link It Pro 1.7 apkWhat’s in this Link It Pro 1.7 apk

- bug fixes

Lots of fun. Gets much harder. This game forces you to think critically. I love it. Highly recommend it.

Link It Pro 1.7, Link all the pearls in this brain twisting puzzle game!

This is the extended version of “Link It Lite”. It has more than 200 levels and no ads.

Your objective in this brain twisting puzzle game is to link all the pearls through tons of levels. You must link all the pearls and then return back to the starting point. Each pearl has an arrow on it. The arrow indicates the link direction. The white pearls are rotatable. Swipe your finger to rotate them. Tap the green pearl to start the linking process. Good luck!

Simple, yet quite challenging. Few of the levels are require so fine manipulations and so many reflections that they stop being brain teasers.

Link It Pro 1.7

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