Launcher 7 – Donate 1.1.8 (v1.1.8) apk android

Launcher 7 - Donate 1.1.8Launcher 7 – Donate 1.1.8

What’s in this version Launcher 7 – Donate 1.1.8: ( Updated:

  1. initial configuration is now executed immediately on a first invocation
  2. Brasilian Portuguese translation by Marcio de Andrade added
  3. fixed contact tile settings / use image from sdcard crash

Launcher 7 – Donate 1.1.8, Ad-free version of Launcher 7.

The Winphone 7 lookalike launcher, almost like the real thing and in some ways even better!

– 1×1, 2×1 and 1×2 tiles with configurable colors
– Widgets in a tile! (provided that widget fits)
– Almost real like tile animation
– Almost real like tile re-arrange mode
– Almost real like status bar
– Animated contacts tile (supports G+ synced contacts)
– Pinnable contact-tile which animates like the real phone
– Folder tiles
– Webpage tiles
– Picture hub (use with care, it needs memory!!!!)
– Filterable application list
– Stock wp7-like colors and color selection

Launcher 7 – Donate 1.1.8

More Info  about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the market

Download Links Below

Download  Launcher 7 РDonate 1.1.8 (v1.1.8) apk android Mediafire ( Resumable)

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