Keymonk Keyboard 2.29 (v2.29) apk download

Keymonk Keyboard 2.29 apk

Keymonk Keyboard 2.29 apkWhat’s in this Keymonk Keyboard 2.29 apk

Tap and hold the Enter key to insert emoticons.

Keymonk Keyboard 2.29, Type faster than ever before! Sweep words with both fingers twice as fast as Swype or SlideIT.
Android Police: “A very interesting take on mobile input… give it a shot”.
El androide libre: “A keyboard revolution”.
The Guardian: “Is there room for another big third-party Android keyboard besides SwiftKey and Swype?”.

Available in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, French and German.


A video is worth 10,000 words so check it out to see how Keymonk works.


Keymonk was tested on Galaxy S2 and should work with any compliant text editor on any smartphone with good multi-touch support.


Some devices, including high-end devices, have defective multi-touch support. If you see the Keymonk touch indication circles flicker or change colors while sweeping with both fingers, that may be an indication that your device does not support multi-touch well.

Keep each finger at its side of the keyboard and avoid bumping them into one another since it might confuse the touch screen.


Keymonk might not work with particular text editors that are not compliant with the Android API. If you experience problems please send an email to


Help me improve this software by sending feedback and error reports to


Keymonk respects your privacy and does not collect any of your data.

EDIT I had the HTC Thunderbolt and originally gave this application a 4/5. I now have a new phone, Galaxy Note II, and think this application is perfect for this phone. In landscape view, you need two thumbs! The thing that is missing from this keyboard is the nice small features of other keyboards to help customize it. For example, after a new sentence, I always double space so I add one more space to what Keymonk originally gives after a period. Unfortunately, the capitalization goes away after.

Keymonk Keyboard 2.29

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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