Jellyflug 1.03 (v1.03) apk download

Jellyflug 1.03Jellyflug 1.03

Jellyflug 1.03, Welcome to Jellyflug!
Explore the micro world in this infectious platformer!

“Get Jellyflug now if you have ever enjoyed a platformer in your life.” — iPhoneAppReview

“Jellyflug truly matches wits with some of the best level designs the 16-bit era had to muster” — iFanzine

“The level designs are great, putting me in mind of some of the most fun and challenging platformers of the 16-bit era” — Tapscape

Welcome to the Micro World of Jellyflug!

Jellyflug 1.03

Run, jump and battle your way through the micro-world of bacteria.

Meet Grash as he explores the immense landscapes of kitchen sinks, floors, cutting boards from a completely new perspective; through the eyes of a bacterium.

•Our hero Grash!
•Taken from his home in the bathroom
•Now makes the journey back in the face of the many perils in his way!

•Explore vast landscapes full of unique characters!
•Over 15 enormous levels of adventure!

•Use your baby bacteria as ammo!
•Defend yourself from the onslaught of micro enemies

•Over 45 characters; from friends to enemies
•Use unique microbes to give special power-ups

•Touch controls with simple on screen buttons
•Press anywhere on the screen to fire your baby bacteria

See the trailer video at

Jellyflug 1.03

Jellyflug 1.03

Jellyflug 1.03

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