JDownloaderRcPro 1.5.1 (v1.5.1) apk download


JDownloaderRcPro 1.5.1 apk

What’s in this JDownloaderRcPro 1.5.1 apk

1.5.1 :
- Fix Error msg
- Support zip content (Rss)
- Add Rss support for cloudzer & secureupload
1.5.0 :
We had many requests for this update !
Action Bar is now available with direct access to main functions.
We made our best to maintain compatibility but unfortunately the new features may not be fully accessible on too old devices.

JDownloaderRcPro 1.5.1, JDownloader Remote Client Pro.

Full control on JDlownloader from your android phone :
- Current downloads.
- Links with full text parsing.
- Stop/Start/Restart/Shutdown.
- Set speed limit / max downloads.
- Premium’s accounts.
- Integration with navigator for sharing links.
- Compatibility with nightly build.
- Rss reader & link checker.

Pro Version is free Ads and got priority for updates.
Thanks for supporting us.

Before using :
- Activate JDownloader remote control plug-in.
- Be sure your ip is public and port open.
- Edit config after install !

** Please read FAQ and Help **
Check your configuration before saying it doesn’t work !
Most problems come from a bad or incomplet configuration
Help & Configuration Tutorial : http://devdroid.free.fr/jdownloaderhelp/

** Adding links **
Sometime links stay in the grabber, restarting jdownloader may help !
Also Check Max. Downloads & Speed limit parameters of JDownloader.

JDownloaderRcPro 1.5.1

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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