iPhone Go launcher theme 15.1 (v15.1) apk android

iPhone Go launcher theme 15.1iPhone Go launcher theme 15.1

What’s in this version iPhone Go launcher theme 15.1:

5/30 optimization for Go launcher 3.02 ver.
20 icons added. total 840

iPhone Go launcher theme 15.1, If you download in your phone, you can feel the difference with other themes.

Source of the Application and icons are linked.
So, Applies equally well to app drawer.

- 840 popular app icons
- three components (basic, black, I-book theme)
- 11 main wallpapers / 11 app drawer wallpapers
- 3 dock bar image
- iPhone folder, widjet available
- SD memory card support.

★★★ How to use ★★★
The latest version should be installed.
1. Apply a theme : menu-themes-choice theme-press apply button.
2. Main bg change : menu-wallpaper-Go wallpaper-choice one-press “set wallpaper” button.
3. App drawer bg change : menu-preferences-visual settings-backgrounds-app drawer background-Go theme background-choice one-press set background button.
4. dockbar change : menu-preferences-visual settings-backgrounds-Dock background-Go theme background-choice one-press set background button.
5. Large icon : menu-preferences-visual settings-Icon-Icons size-Choice large icon
6. Icon Arrangement change : menu-preferences-screen settings-Grid size-choice one (screenshot is 5*4)
7. icon label Transparency change : menu-preferences-screen settings-app icon labels- choice “show labels (transparent background)”

* After Go launcher EX installation, press the Home key. And check the Go launcher.

iPhone Go launcher theme 15.1

More Info  about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the market

Download Links Below

Download iPhone Go launcher theme 15.1 (v15.1) apk android Mediafire (Resumable)

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