Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 3.2.8 (v3.2.8) apk download


Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 3.2.8 apk

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 3.2.8 apkWhat’s in this Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 3.2.8 apk

★ Better navigation – click on the top-left app icon in the Browse Screen to take yourself up to the Search screen.
★ Replaced the recently-added secondary 中文/English tab with a more discrete button in the top-right corner (ABC English-to-Chinese Dictionary users only)
★ Minor bug fixes
For more see: http://embermitre.com/?tag=whatsnew-hanping-ce-pro
Ongoing promotion: 25% off ABC dictionaries (in-app purchases), introductory pricing on Hanping Chinese Camera app.

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 3.2.8, Android’s most popular Chinese dictionary – with handwriting recognition!

Exclusively on Android, so make your iPhone friends jealous!

If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, within 30 days you get a full refund, period, no questions asked. We don’t want your money if you’re not amazingly happy.

Details on how to get Pro version (living in China?): http://goo.gl/YGonR

NEW UPDATE: Much faster than older versions!

PLEASE NOTE: If you come across any problems please send us an email and we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible. This is much better than simply leaving a comment because we can then ask follow-up questions.

Pro version gives you:

★ Chinese handwriting recognition built in!
★ Mandarin audio – over 2,200 audio files of a real native Chinese speaker (stored on SD card 7.7MB)
★ Homescreen Widgets (two sizes available) – flip through your favorite words from your homescreen
★ Multi-dictionary support – the superb ABC Chinese-English and ABC English-Chinese dictionaries (in-app purchases at extra cost)
★ Merged results across dictionaries – no need for cumbersome cycling through dictionaries
★ Star English words (if you have the ABC English-Chinese dictionary installed)

Other features:

★ Search Hanzi / Chinese, Pinyin or English
★ Pinyin or Zhuyin (Bopomofo) pronunciation throughout
★ Both Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters supported
★ Simple, intuitive and powerful UI
★ Live search – results update as-you-type
★ Progressive results – as you scroll down, progressively deeper searches are seamlessly performed
★ Enter long Chinese text in the search box and get instant Pinyinization as well as automatic vocab list
★ Offline access to all features (unless specified)
★ Starred Chinese words/phrases, Word lists, Search history
★ Custom search using wildcards
★ Clipboard support – copy Chinese from dictionary
★ Night mode (black background)
★ Quick Search Box support
★ Voice recognition (online only and only on supported devices)
★ Useful links to websites e.g. YellowBridge and nciku (online only)
★ Uses CC-CEDICT dictionary data (stored on SD card) and optionally (as in-app purchases) ABC Chinese-English and ABC English-Chinese dictionaries
★ Seamless integration with our Hanping Chinese OCR app (for camera-based character recognition)
★ Supports Move to SD card*
★ No ads!

* Note: “Move to SD” conflicts with Widgets in that you can only have one or the other. Please read: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=8555

IMPORTANT NOTE: Purchasing this app does NOT include the ABC dictionaries. For more details about these paid add-ons (which include the ABC Chinese-English Dictionary (200,000 Chinese headwords & 10,000 example sentences) and the ABC English-Chinese Dictionary (62,000 English headwords and 6,400 example sentences)), please read: http://embermitre.com/abc

For Chinese character input via pinyin, use Google Pinyin IME.

Note – if you are having problems downloading dictionary or audio data, please read this: http://goo.gl/Aj6r3

Note – if many Chinese characters appear as empty square boxes, or if you would like to use a nicer Chinese font, please read this: http://goo.gl/0P1wu

Internal memory usage: 12MB
External/SD card usage: 34MB + 48.2MB(ABC CE Dictionary) + 12.9MB(ABC EC Dictionary)

Please use the forum (see below) to report any bugs or suggestions.

Blog: http://embermitre.com
Forum: http://embermitre.com/hanping
Twitter: http://twitter.com/embermitre

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 3.2.8

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

Download Links Below

Download Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 3.2.8 (v3.2.8) apk Mediafire (Resumable)

To get it works, use lucky patcher or Android play store modded by chelpus


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