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Handy Note 4.2 apk

Handy Note 4.2 apkWhat’s in this Handy Note 4.2 apk

Fix 4.1 special Galaxy Note mode finger-eraser & PDF export bug. Sorry for that.
1. Page event (under top-left 2nd icon)
You can schedule a page to your calendar apps.
2. Enable input method spelling check / suggestion/ prediction
A switch is in setting center. The default setting is disable the feature.
3. Improve for SPen users
- You can use fingers as an eraser. Default setting is off and you can turn it on.
- You can select free drawing with/without pen pressure sensitive.

Handy Note 4.2, Replace paper notebooks, but keep the same experiences.

HandyNote is Amazon Best seller,#2 of utility Apps,#32 of overall Apps.

Search for a great note taking app is finally over and now you can do everything you wanted to do in Handy Note. Just like you would do in a traditional paper notebook, Handy Note replaces your paper notebook but keep the same experience for you.

Note taking on device should be simple and easy and so that everyone can create his or her own journal, diary, mood board and much more. Without worry about fidgeting with the app and you can dance with your fingertip on a device with Handy Note.

Handy Note allows you to enjoy the freedom, expertise, convenience of great note taking.

== Freedom ==
You have the freedom to navigate among numerous features. You can input text, handwriting, free draw, insert symbols, drag shapes or insert photos whenever and wherever during your taking note.

== Expertise ==
Handwriting is very phenomenal on Handy Note because you can write without stopping and your writing is even better than on a piece of paper. To create nice-looking notes, you have plenty of art- design templates, note covers and papers, colorful and interesting sticky papers, symbols to choose from in Handy Note.

== Convenience ==
Convenience features like Slide Show and sharing are amazing on Handy Note. Slide show enables you to present your works as simple as doing a PowerPoint. Handwriting allows copy & delete word by word. Sharing notes with other Android devices or backup to Drop box are all included. Show your pages on the Android notification bar with Time notelet.

** Product Features **
- Magic Pen: a creative technology of Handy Note and it improves handwriting quality significantly. Magic Pen allows you to write without stopping and feel like writing on a paper.(Samsung S Pen is supported)
- Rich Media: text, handwriting, photos, symbols, shape on one page without leaving the page, just like you do with a blank paper.
- Preview Widget: you can browser notebooks page by page on your Android desktop without open Handy Note.
- Notelet: Notelet allows inserting combinations of content / functions into a note. Date, Time, Phone and Link notelets included.
- Editable handwriting box: copy & delete with word by word, bulletin & numbering, alignment, and box style settings.
- Built in note & paper templates: text box & handwriting box including templates and more than 200 symbols. Installable templates as resource package can be downloaded from Google Play. Please seach “AppBody” or “ResPack”.
- Sharing & backup: sharing images, PDF files or Handy Note files through email, Bluetooth, WIFI, Drop box. Support Backup /export, restore/import notebooks to/from SD Card.
- Multiple support: support different sizes and resolutions of Android phones/tablets
Support non-Google/Android keyboard include popular 3rd party keyboard /IME application.
- Ready to Use: options to customize notebooks such as pre-define planner, diary, meeting minutes, class note and templates with multiple different pages, includes new 2013 planner.

** Product Description **
- Text with in-place text editing, sticker style background, size, color, numbering, bullet, etc.
- Handwriting with customizable pen style, scalable writing area.
- Full screen draw with lasso selecting and style changing.
- Multiple objects: layer changes, alignment, distribution, group/ungroup, position lock.
- Templates: place holder replaces.
- Draw & Handwrite: 5 different kinds of pens with 6 colors and 6 strokes.
- Text: 24 sticker style backgrounds, size, color, numbering, bullet, align, etc.
- Templates: multiple page templates categories in basic, time management, diary, and business, academic, personal and others.
- Paper & Cover: more than 20 papers/cover styles.
- Share among different size and resolution Android phones/tablets.
- Share as image & PDF files.
Reminder: No support for less than 3.8 inch size screen and lower than 800×480 devices.

Handy Note 4.2

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

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