Gem Miner 2 1.2.1 (v1.2.1) apk download


Gem Miner 2 1.2.1 apk

Gem Miner 2 1.2.1 apkWhat’s in this Gem Miner 2 1.2.1 apk

5 new Christmas themed levels
Classic Freeplay – play Gem Miner: Dig Deeper with new graphics! Dig Deeper must be installed to use this feature.

Gem Miner 2 1.2.1, Dig your way into history!

Grab your pickaxe and get ready for adventure!

NEW! Miss the old Gem Miner gameplay? Try classic freeplay, and play Gem Miner: Dig Deeper with new graphics! (You must have purchased Gem Miner: Dig Deeper and have it installed to use this feature)

Explore caves, abandoned mines and long forgotten temples as you search for fame and fortune in this long anticipated sequel to the best selling Android classic, Gem Miner!

- Bold and colorful HD graphics
- Bigger mines, more ores, more hazards, more tools and even more fun!
- Freeplay mode puts you in control of an enormous mine
- 6 difficulty levels in freeplay
- Over 50 expeditions across 3 difficulties
- Supports Google TV

Hot and cold is solvable (spoiler alert) 1st mine cold buying a few scanners and lots of ladders, start into hot and dig down around temple walls. back to cold mine into hot from lowest point of upper temple, when u get to the area where u need to cross a small volcanic lake, walk off dropping ladders and climb up fast, dig through to the block that was blocking u on hot, dig under and let it drop. place a ladder next to it. rest is common sence.

Gem Miner 2 1.2.1

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