Galaxy Wars Tower Defense 1.7.5 (v1.7.5) apk android

Galaxy Wars Tower Defense 1.7.5Galaxy Wars Tower Defense 1.7.5

The update for this game, just released yesterday ), Cat Studio inc. Developer of Galaxy Wars Tower Defense game, now This game update to Galaxy Wars Tower Defense 1.7.5.

Maybe on previous version, there is an error about displaying the HP status on the game, in this version Galaxy Wars Tower Defense 1.7.5 they have fixed the display of hp, and also fix a crash bug in tablet/pad devices when you touch 10 fingers(too many touch points). Galaxy Wars Tower Defense 1.7.5  also added More FREE reward points in reward system. Just wait for other update guys, Your 5 star rating keeps them  motivated to produce upcoming updates to make Galaxy Wars even better!

Here is  Galaxy Wars Tower Defense 1.7.5 features:

* Stunning Graphics, Particle Effects and Animations.
* Super big maps with the resolution of 1380×900 and 1980×1200! HD graphics especially for pad.
* 12 maps with three levels of difficulty(coming more).
* Interactive terrain with open path.
* 8 Types of Towers with 3 Upgrade Levels Each.
* 3 game modes: Classic, Extended & Endless.
* Pinch zoom in/out battle field.
* Weapons shop and achievements make game more interesting to play a long time.

Galaxy Wars Tower Defense 1.7.5

More Info  about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the market

Download Links Below

Download Galaxy Wars Tower Defense 1.7.5 (v1.7.5) apk android Mediafire ( Resumable)

[important]This Version is Out of Date, Go Here to Download The latest Version ( Galaxy Wars Tower Defense 1.7.9


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