Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.78 (v1.0.78) apk download


Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.78 apk

Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.78 apkWhat’s in this Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.78 apk

- Voice Chat and Clan Servers are now available to all.
- Fixed Voice Chat audio.

Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.78, Now on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/futureops
Now on Twitter: https://twitter.com/futureopsonline

Fixed the Soldier Animation bugs. Added Server Reporting Limits.

Fixed the turning upside down bug (introduced with sensitivity control options).

Clan Servers are now available for testing, you can kick and ban IP instantly. They are not yet setup to be permanent and I’ve maxed them to 8 during voice chat testing.

Voice Chat is now available in clan servers, additional high quality audio codecs will be added next.

Premium users get to test Clan Server Creation and management, as well as Voice Chat. Voice chat will not be a free feature due to the large amount of bandwidth it uses.

Inventory systems are nearly finished, CTP and TDM now needs a solution to play more like BF and COD when choosing weapons. Clan Systems are almost ready as well.

Added Player Profiles with options to Vote Kick, Vote IP Ban, Report Language and Report Hacking. (The saved chat log will only be used if the player’s language violates Google Play, Amazon Kindle, or B&N Nook user agreements, this will result in a Global IP Ban across all servers) (The total kills and total deaths are not hooked up yet)

Please use the email or forum link on this page when you have issues so i can fix them, there’s too many comments to keep up with sorry, http://www.realdefinition.net/forums

Please don’t use the comments for suggestions, I can’t keep track of those, and many are duplicates with 2-3 stars. And after I add those features, they don’t update their comments or star ratings.

Survival MMO Mode is planned to be similar to DayZ and War Z, however its under heavy reconstruction right now, many features had to be disabled in order to optimize them for mobile devices, more buildings must be simplified.

A Multiplayer First Person Shooter with up to 44 Players in Survival MMO, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Point game modes.

Air Vehicles allow you to play Mobile FPS games like never before, this game aims to be your mobile battlefield.

Please always update your game, if there are server side changes, then a new server version is created that is only accessible by the newest version of the game, which is why it looks like there are no servers online.

- Voice Chat and Clan Servers are now available to all.
- Fixed Voice Chat audio.
- Added Ammo display
- Fixed Pistol Shooting speed
- Fixed Helicopters not letting you in
- Fixed Soldier Animation if you exit a Vehicle
- Fixed Soldier Animation bugs
- Server Reporting Limits
- Fixed looking upside down bug
- Moved to New Server version
- Player Profiles, voting, and reporting now available to everyone.
- Clan Servers
- Voice Chat for Clan Servers
- Improved Movement lag
- Fixed Menu Buttons pressing HUD buttons.
- Fixed Frozen in Air bug (Pausing, Calling & Pressing Home Button now Disconnect you from the server)
- Fixed Per Server IP Ban
- Lowered Player Model Resolution & Polycount
- Camera distance now based on Quality
- Zombies are Slightly Faster
- Updated the player model
- Fixed Player List Size
- Fixed Player Names
- Fixed Final Scoreboard List Buttons
- Added Player Profiles
- Added Vote Kick & Vote IP Ban
- Added Report Language & Hacking
- Chat & Event UI adjustments
- Kick frozen AFK users after 10 mins
- Weapon and distance now affect damage
- Added zoom sensitivity option
- Fixed the server list
- Increased max size for hud buttons
- Switching teams now suicides
- Major Latency improvements
- Added Blood Option (Kindle & Nook tablet requirement)
- Quality based adjustments.
- Bug Fixes.
- The New Weapons are now available for everyone
- Zombie visibility distance is now based on quality
- Improved Outpost Safe Distance and Display

Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.78

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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Password link = devitrianto.com

Download Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.78 (v1.0.78) apk Via Sendspace (Resumable)

Download Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.78 (v1.0.78) apk Via Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)

Download Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.78 (v1.0.78) apk Via Zippyshare (No waiting & Fast)


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