Frog on Ice v7 apk download

Frog on Ice v7 apk

Frog on Ice v7 apkFrog on Ice v7 apk, Plop, a misplaced frog that finds himself in a frozen world, needs to get through five levels of ice-cold enemies to defeat the Evil Ice Wizard. As Plop, you’ll use your sticky tongue to slide across the ice, grab onto icicles, and attack enemies, all while collecting coins and power-ups. Avoid falling into the freezing water and dodge attacks from the Ice Wizard’s henchmen, or Plop will face a cold, bitter end.

Frog on Ice v7 Game Highlights

• Stunning graphics
• Five complex levels with unique end bosses
• Playful characters with a touch of malevolence
• Collect coins, health, and power ups
• Use coins collected during gameplay for in-app purchases


In Frog on Ice you collect coins to buy stuff in the store. Collect coins by finding them throughout the level, or simply purchase them separately. With the coins, you can buy extra lives and continues. Temperature running low? Hit the store button in the middle of a boss battle to replenish health. Best of all you, can purchase Power-Ups that greatly enhance Plop’s abilities and the game play itself. It’s all part of the game.

Power Ups Include:

• Goggles – Once equipped with a pair of goggles, Plop becomes atomic. Touch or click Plop to release a destructive blast

• Golden Gloves – Put on this pair of gloves and coins will magnetically attract to Plop as he slides near them.

• Sneakers – Sporting a pair of sneakers gives Plop the ability to double jump his way out of slippery situations.

• Cape – Turn Plop in to a caped crusader. Hold down the jump button to fly.


Frog on Ice v7

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