Frisbee Forever – Premium 2.0.1 (v2.0.1) apk download

Frisbee Forever - Premium 2.0.1Frisbee Forever – Premium 2.0.1 apk

Frisbee Forever – Premium 2.0.1 apk, Go wild in the worlds of Frisbee® Forever! Super crisp HD, 3D graphics.

Get ready to blast off and fly at breathtaking speed across more than 100 crazy tracks. Twist and turn in the California Theme Park, climb the majestic mountains in the Wild West or send the waves blazing in the Pirate filled Caribbean oceans. There’s a level for everyone!

Play with cool classic Wham-O® Frisbees® or brand new discs only available in Frisbee® Forever. Collect more than 100 Frisbees®, with plenty of trophies and secret bonuses to achieve.

Are you a Frisbee® Master? Then play Frisbee Forever – Premium 2.0.1

The Frisbee Forever series isn’t really about throwing Frisbees. It’s more of a Frisbee fan’s dream, where the discs hurtle through the sky performing amazing tricks that could never happen in the real world. Family-friendly fantasies don’t get much better than this.

There is no story, and no characters to keep track of. You have a Frisbee and six worlds to explore with it. As you progress through the game, you visit farmlands, a modern city that looks a little like San Francisco, a Chinese harbor, a wintry cliff, a jungle river, and a lost city that Indiana Jones would feel at home in. Each world has ten courses weaving through it. You complete the courses to unlock new tracks, earning coins along the way so that you can unlock new worlds.

You’re a star on Frisbee Forever – Premium 2.0.1 apk

The worlds are colorful, full of details and collectibles. There are also two additional worlds full of bonus tracks, which are unlocked by completing missions or flying your Frisbee through gift boxes that appear randomly on the course.

As with the first game, you don’t exactly throw your Frisbee. A gentle flick sets it in motion, and then you guide it using tap controls or tilt controls. The tilt controls are more intuitive, but both sets of controls are sensitive. It’s easy to over-control the Frisbee, so expect a lot of crashes early on. Once you master the controls, however, you’ll have fun steering through some very tight corners.

The Frisbee loses speed quickly when it’s flying on its own. That’s why the course is marked by a series of rings and tubes. Flying through these objects accelerates your Frisbee, giving you enough momentum to get through the course. There are also roller coaster-like tracks in the air, which give your Frisbee a huge speed boost when followed. It gets harder to react and control the Frisbee at high speeds, but you can skip rings or move away from the track when you need to slow down.

Frisbee Forever Premium

But which one is the One True Ring?

As you fly, you collect stars scattered throughout the course. These stars earn coins and determine the color of your trophy at the end. Completing the course gets you a bronze trophy. Collecting almost all the stars earns you a silver trophy, and getting every last star earns the gold. Gold trophies are hard to get, though you can help yourself out by paying coins to improve your Frisbee’s ability to collect stars.

Frisbee Forever – Premium 2.0.1 apk,  Almost everything else is an obstacle. You want to avoid fans, magnets, spinning saws, bombs, and most of the scenery. At the same time, you should keep an eye out for collectible items, which appear on or near the course. There are 60 collectibles, and finding them all is a real challenge.

Challenging players is what this game does best. Most courses are easy to complete, and if you do get stuck it only costs a few coins to unlock the next level. Casual players have nothing to fear.

Skilled players have more things to do, though. The game offers a series of missions, usually tasks of moderate difficulty like collecting 90 stars without crashing or flying through a windmill. Meanwhile, expert players will spend hours earning gold trophies on courses, hunting down the collectibles, and unlocking all the bonus levels.

Fans of the original Frisbe Forever may be disappointed to find that not much has changed from the first installment, but there are plenty of new worlds and courses to keep them busy. Otherwise, Frisbee Forever 2 is a lot like the toy it licenses: a lot of fun in a simple package.

Frisbee Forever – Premium 2.0.1

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