Find My Phone 4.7 (v4.7) apk download

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Find My Phone 4.7 apk

Find My Phone 4.7 Find My Phone 4.7 (v4.7) apk downloadWhat’s in this Find My Phone 4.7 apk

- new look!
- note: If you have any custom text messaging apps installed, like Go SMS Pro or Handcent, then you may need to configure their settings. Instructions available on website.

Find My Phone 4.7, Find your lost, stolen, or misplaced phone.
If you lose your phone, just send it a text message and Find My Phone will reply to you with its current address,
and a Google Maps link to your phone’s location.

  • Text your phone and have it ring at maximum volume (even if volume is off) to locate by ear.
  • Find out how much battery is remaining
  • Get notified if somebody changes your SIM card
  • NEW: Track from the web by having your phone email back it’s location
  • No ads.

1. Install Find My Phone. Enable GPS in Settings.
2. Text ‘findme’ to your phone and start tracking it.
3. Text ‘ringaloud’ to your phone to make it ring continously.

Already lost your phone?

  • If you’re phone has Android v3.0 or below (most do), you can remotely install Find My Phone from Google Play.

GPS off?

  • Find My Phone can automatically turn on GPS for v2.2 and below.


  • Don’t have another phone to text from?

No problem. Use a free online SMS service like Google Voice or to send the text, and your phone will email it’s location to you.

  • Absolutely no ads.
  • No registration.
  • Just works!

Find My Phone 4.7

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Download Find My Phone 4.7 (v4.7) apk Zippyshare (No Waiting time)

Download Find My Phone 4.7 (v4.7) apk Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)


 Find My Phone 4.7 (v4.7) apk download

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