Final Fantasy III 1.0 android (v1.0) apk

final fantasy 3 1.0 androidFinal Fantasy III 1.0 android

Final Fantasy III 1.0 android, It’s been available on iOS for quite some time, and now Square Enix has decided to spread its wings and release Final Fantasy III for the Android ecosystem. The only (and major) issue is that it’s not available for everyone just yet. In fact the Final Fantasy classic can only be played by Japanese Android device owners.

Final Fantasy III 1.0 android

You may have played the old school Nintendo version, like me. This game will not resemble the classic game very much. It has been enhanced with better graphics and 3D effects. It will look very different from what you remember. But it is fun, and the faces are more recognizable. (I like seeing my characters).

Final Fantasy III 1.0 android, It seems we’ll have to continue using emulators to play this game. At least for a while. But it sure would be nice to have a native version available. And as of now, we have no idea when (or if) this game will be hitting other countries. But we sure hope Square Enix can give us the treat.

If you’re a Squaresoft fan, you may also like to know that Final Fantasy (1) and Chrono Trigger classics are also available. Once again, only for the Japanese market. We’ll just have to wait our turn. Check out the iOS trailer and let us know what you think. How many of you want to see these games coming to the US (or any other country)? I’m still waiting for a native Android version of Final Fantasy VII!


Final Fantasy III 1.0 android

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