Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.0.3 (v1.0.3) apk download

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.0.3 apk

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.0.3 apkWhat’s in this Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.0.3 apk

- Stabilized webview on 4.1 while keeping the new buttery optimizations
- Faster screen transitions on menu selected
- Added “clear text” button on Tweet composer
- Disallowed multi pic upload (for now)
- Disallowed long press on DMs to avoid confusion
- Fix instagram FC on click photo
- Other bugfixes

It’s surprising given Twitters popularity that it took this long for a developer to make something as good as Falcon Pro. The UI is butter smooth and well laid out. There are no cluttered menus like some Twitter clients. The developer listens and responds to suggestions and requests, constantly makes improvements, and adds features. This app will only get better with time.

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.0.3, Looking for a Twitter app with an Innovative UI, Buttery animations, Extra fast loading times and Unique Features ? Look no further, Falcon Pro is what you need.

Pro Features:

  • Double Sliding Menu UI like you’ve never seen before
  • Beautiful Phone and Tablet UI
  • Extra smooth scrolling
  • Real Time, Expandable notifications
  • Super fast internal browser with Instapaper integration
  • Offline favoriting
  • Tweet Drafts
  • Inline preview of Photos and Videos
  • TweetMarker support to use on multiple devices
  • In-app preview of Play Store links

Not being the ultimate twitter freak, I really don’t miss any features in Falcon pro. It does all I need in a beautiful, stylish way thanks to a perfectly balanced holo-custom interface. It is also very fast, really noticeable difference from tweet lanes.

+ All core features you would expect from a mobile Twitter client.

Interface is killer. Features are lacking, but for a new Twitter client, it has a lot of potential. Hopefully the developer adds features like they have said they will. I think in time this will be one of the best clients. 5 stars for now. May adjust if updates for new features don’t come soon. But, as of now, I am completely satisfied.

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.0.3

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature and etc, go to the Google Play Store

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