Fabrik Pro(cloud ebook reader) 1.43 (v1.43) apk download

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Fabrik Pro(cloud ebook reader) 1.43 apk

Fabrik Pro(cloud ebook reader) 1.43 apkWhat’s in this Fabrik Pro(cloud ebook reader) 1.43 apk

a) Fix missing paragraph bug
b) add Times New Roman font
c) Widget

Fabrik Pro(cloud ebook reader) 1.43, **** Please uninstall the free version for this pro version to work properly ****

**** This is the pro version of Fabrik Reader. It’s ad-free and contains advanced features like bookmarks, widgets, and will have even more features in the future ****

Featured on XDA developer, The Android Soul, Android Authority, Makeuseof, Pocketables and more.

“This particular one is refreshing to have” – Makeuseof

“In case of Fabrik reader, it’s working great out of the box and allowing you to sync your e-books with Dropbox.” – The Android Soul

“The best. Ever open a new app and say I love it? That is what Fabrik did for me.” – User comment


What is Fabrik Reader? The most beautiful, elegant cloud ebook reader that works seamlessly with your Dropbox.

What’s so different about Fabrik Reader, is that it just works, beautifully out of the box. What Fabrik Reader gives you, is a really premium, yet really simple reading experience. Plus, it always keeps everything synchronized in the cloud, and that means you can keep reading on all your devices, seamlessly.

With Fabrik Reader, you get:

★ Complete synchronization of the entire reading experience with your Dropbox. That means, all your books, as well as all your reading progress. So you can use as many devices to read as you want, and everything will just automatically keep in sync.

★ An absolutely gorgeous interface that will make your reading experience really premium, and easy on your eyes.

★ Tablet optimized two column landscape reading model.

★ Customize fonts(packed with dozens of them), text size, line spacing, screen brightness, night model, etc.

★ Share your reading progress, or your faviourite paragraphs with your friends (with a beautiful book cover).

★ Find covers for your books automatically when they don’t have one, which makes your book looks even better.

★ Support txt, epub, mobi, prc format (and more will come in the future).

Again, if you want a beautiful book reader that just works out of the box, and keeps everything in sync, Fabrik Reader is just the way to go. So why not give it a shot? It’s free any way :)

Fabrik Pro(cloud ebook reader) 1.43

More Info about this apps, screenshots, feature, etc go to the Google Play Store

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Password link = devitrianto.com

Download Fabrik Pro(cloud ebook reader) 1.43 (v1.43) apk Sendpace (Resumable)

Download Fabrik Pro(cloud ebook reader) 1.43 (v1.43) apk Zippyshare (No waiting & fast)

Download Fabrik Pro(cloud ebook reader) 1.43 (v1.43) apk Mirrorcreator (Multiple Mirror)


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