eXtermination 1.0.1 (v1.0.1) apk download


eXtermination 1.0.1 apk

eXtermination 1.0.1 apkWhat’s in this eXtermination 1.0.1 apk

- Added bigger masks for the device buttons (150% of the normal size)
- Optimized particles to half

eXtermination 1.0.1, eXtermination is a “Run & Gun” game where you slaughter hordes of zombies while dropping, sliding and destroying objects in your way. The game offers a cool retro video game vibe with high quality pixel art, and epic metal sluggish music. We are trying to bring back some of that good old 90s touch in a modern way!

You play as Derek Osmond, a badass caught in the middle of a zombie invasion. Your job is to guide Derek through the levels into the safe room. There are various kinds of zombies with different abilities. There are many different gadgets to interact with: sliders, buttons, switches, jump platforms, keys, gates and much more!


Like in all runner games, the player moves to the right by itself. To have more control, you can unlock three basic abilities. The first one, “Stop or move”, is available from the start, enabling the player to stop at any time. The second ability is “Jump” and the third is “Duck”. I guess you can figure out what those two do!

Once you’ve unlocked the abilities, you can return to earlier levels to obtain badges that were previously unreachable.

The levels are filled with zombies, so you need to deal with them at the same time you as you drop blocks and slide moving blocks in place to clear the way.

Shooting works so that when you tap a destroyable/killable object (like a zombie), the shooting activates. The player character will shoot to your fingers direction till you let go of the screen.


- 45 hand crafted levels in three different areas (city park, winter, industrial factory)
- Three basic abilities to unlock
- Seven weapons to buy and upgrade up to five times
- Shop where you can buy ammunition and accessories
- Updates for new levels, weapons and accessories
- Over 30 different objects to move/use/destroy

eXtermination 1.0.1

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    Jan 02. 2013

    plz update it to v1.0.4 !!
    thanks in advance.. :)

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